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Wooden’s Pyramid, part 5: Cooperation (Why is it better than Dictating)

Cooperation: The Final Block The final block in the lowest rung of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is Cooperation. Listening, evaluating, embracing van be a tough job for the string-willed leader, but it is the only way to leverage the collective brainpower and commitment of your group. Cooperation is the only difference between the Leader […]

Is your business Healthy or Smart? (Read this if You Prefer Ripe and Low Hanging Fruits)

Pat Lencioni speaks in his latest book, The Advantage, at length about why companies, if they want to succeed, having to be Smart and Healthy at the same time. He defines Smart as being an expert in your business. Understanding your market, how to serve it and being intimately familiar with your costumers, products, services […]

Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

New Vlog Series on Leadership Philosophy Check out my new vlog series on LinkedIn about UCLA Bruins 10-times champion coach, John Wooden’s leadership philosophy, including his Pyramid of Success. Today’s first episode is about Limestone #01 in the pyramid, which is called Hard Work (Industriousness). Stay tuned for upcoming vlog episodes about the other limestones […]

Carpe PM = EOS Rocks after lunch. (Seriously, would you hire that guy?)

Central Virginia is full of custom license plates. It seems to be a local fad to come up with weird plates, often a riddle which help drivers forget the frustration of a slow traffic light. Some license plates are questionably sensible, however, like the one on the picture: “Carpe PM”. — I guess it wants […]

Long Term Objectives vs. Company Rocks (You Need Meat too, on the Bone)

I recently received an email from one of my EOS Implementation clients, which read as follows: “I understand that Rocks are defined as not urgent but important projects, they need to be SMART and achievable in 60-90 days. What I don’t fully grasp is how rocks relate to company objectives, which I feel like will […]

How to Self-Implement EOS? (A 7-Step Tough Love Guide)

Self-implementing EOS® is one of the options available for making your business run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. It is an alternative to hiring a Professional EOS Implementer and paying him or her several thousand dollars for facilitating on average 5 days of leadership meetings a year, to implement and maintain Traction® in your business. […]