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Interviews with CEOs and Entrepreneurs about the frameworks they are using to build and scale their businesses.


176: Apply Radical Transparency with Daniel Todd

Daniel Todd is the CEO and Founder of Influence Mobile, a company that builds products that reward people for everyday activities. We discuss ways to apply radical transparency to your business, how to become more industrious as an entrepreneur, and the benefits of being more transparent with your team. — Listen to the podcast here […]

175: Give your People Superpowers with David Carter

David CM Carter is the Chairman & Founder of Entelechy Academy Limited, the world’s 1st learning experience specializing in Character Qualities to enhance all skills. We discuss how character gives a team superpowers, the Be-Do-Become framework, and how long it takes to become the best version of yourself. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/9afscg/MBP_EP175_Audio.mp3 […]

174: Nail Project Delivery with Jay Aigner

Jay Aigner is the CEO of JDAQA, LLC, a scalable team of experienced software quality assurance professionals that helps software development teams remove the stress of testing. We discuss the project delivery framework, ways to remove yourself from the business process, and why software testing is important. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/bbv2rt/MBP_Ep174_Audio.mp3   […]

173: Pull on 4 Growth Levers with Vikram Raya

Vikram Raya is the CEO of Viking Capital, a multi-family real estate investment syndication firm, and Limitless MD, a firm helping MDs succeed in business and life. We discuss the four growth levers all companies must pull to succeed, the benefits of doubling down on your zone of genius, and what makes people unsuccessful. — […]

Deliver Better Product, Faster with David Subar

172: Deliver Better Product, Faster with David Subar

David Subar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Interna, an IT Services and Consulting company focused on making product development successful and effective. We discuss the foundation of the lean startup approach, failure as a catalyst for learning, and ways to deliver better products faster. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/wjkd7j/MBP_EP172_Audio.mp3 Deliver Better […]

171: Exude Positive Energy with Nima Shemirani

Dr. Nima Shemirani is a Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgeon at Eos Rejuvenation – a medical office dedicated to all aspects of plastic surgery for the face. We discuss the problem with modern healthcare, how to get the most out of plastic surgery, and ways to exude positive energy in your business.  — Listen to […]

170: Build a VA-Run Company with Joe Rare

Joe Rare is the Owner and CEO of Level 9 Virtual, a first-in-class virtual assistants service provider on a mission to give business owners freedom of time and money through outsourcing. We discuss the future of work in an age of virtual assistants, the best places to find trained VAs, and how to build your […]

169: Build Your Wealth in 4 Steps with Elliot Kallen

Elliot Kallen is the Owner of Prosperity Financial Group, where he helps successful individuals, families, and businesses to build, manage, and protect their wealth. We discuss the four main steps to building wealth, the number one goal for retirees today, and what holistic wealth management is all about. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/y2gqc6/MBP_EP169_Audio.mp3 […]

168: Adopt a Culture Operating System with Doug Camplejohn

Doug Camplejohn is the Founder and CEO of Airspeed, a suite of Slack apps that help employees feel more connected and appreciated. We discuss how leaders can be more deliberate about building their culture, ways to build relationships among employees in remote settings, and how AI and automation can help facilitate and improve six key […]

Master the LinkedIn Post Framework with Justin Nassiri

167: Master the LinkedIn Post Framework with Justin Nassiri

Justin M. Nassiri is the CEO of Executive Presence, a social media service that provides a fully managed LinkedIn presence for top CEOs in a way that is authentic, efficient, and measurable. We discuss the benefits of having a CEO who is active on LinkedIn, ways to stay top of mind on LinkedIn, and why […]

Converse Your Way to Customers with Tom Schwab

166: Converse Your Way to Customers with Tom Schwab

Tom Schwab is the Chief Evangelist Officer & Founder of Interview Valet, a podcast guesting marketing service helping thought leaders drive growth by leveraging other people’s audiences. We discuss the power of podcast guesting, how to use podcasts as a business development tool, and ways to guest on high-quality podcasts.  — Listen to the podcast […]

165: Master Your Top of Funnel with Christian Banach

Christian Banach is the Principal & Chief Growth Officer of Christian Banach LLC. He helps agencies land 6 and 7-figure opportunities predictably through consulting, training, and outsourced lead generation services. We discuss the benefits of mastering your top-of-funnel, ways to provide customized value to clients, and the future of communicating with prospects.  — Listen to […]

164: Bond by Sharing Your Stories with Manuj Aggarwal

Manuj Aggarwal is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of TetraNoodle Technologies, a premier data science, and AI consulting company focused on helping SMB & SaaS companies unlock the power of data and AI. We discuss ways to effortlessly get people’s buy-in, learning to automate AI processes, and how AI can help grow your business.  […]

163: Build Your Dreams Into Your Home with Christopher Brement

Christopher Brement is the Founder and President of Bramante Homes, an employee-run custom builder that has been building quality, premium, and luxury homes since the 1980s. We discuss the secret source to building luxury homes, why people chose to customize their homes, and the cost of a fiduciary custom home builder. — Listen to the […]

162: Invest in Relationships with Leonard Mazur

Leonard Mazur is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Citius Pharma, a late-stage biopharma company focused on the development and commercialization of first-in-class critical care products. We discuss the benefits of investing in your professional relationships, investment opportunities in biopharma, and ways to minimize the risks of your investments. — Listen to the podcast here […]

161: Scale Your Retail Brand on Amazon with Allan Marshall

Allan Marshall is the CEO of Upexi Inc, a publicly listed investment platform that acquires profitable, data-driven Amazon and eCommerce brands. We discuss ways to scale your retail brand on Amazon, how to invest in an eCommerce business, and the right ingredients for launching an online brand.  — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/4ggmmh/MBP_EP161_Audio.mp3   […]

160: Supercharge Your Expertise Using ChatGPT with Mfon Akpan

Mfon Akpan is an assistant professor of accounting at Methodist University. He is also an expert on ChatGPT and the host of the Understanding Accounting YouTube channel. We discuss using AI language models in business, how to ask smart questions on ChatGPT, and ways ChatGPT can supercharge your small business growth.  — Listen to the […]

159: Implement a Simple OKR System with Pete Wilkinson

Pete Wilkinson is the Founder and CEO of Reclaro 1-3-5, a company focused on helping ambitious CEOs and MDs accelerate their business results using beautifully presented software. We discuss ways OKRs can speed up business success, how to develop persistence in business, and ways to build an unstoppable attitude.  — Listen to the podcast here […]

158: Focus on Growth, Security, and Brand with Tracy Gregorio

Tracy Gregorio is the Chief Executive Officer of G2 Ops, Inc – an engineering firm providing clients with cost-effective, model-based cybersecurity solutions tailored to deliver capability against the emergent threats of information warfare. We discuss the evolution of cybersecurity, how to evolve your business into a product company, and the three most important priorities in […]

157: Remove Investment Bias with Michael Episcope

Michael Episcope is the Co-CEO of Origin Investments, a private equity real estate firm designed for the needs of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and wealth management firms. We discuss ways business owners can remove investment bias from their processes, why you need to consider investing in a fund, and how to make better decisions in […]

156: Put a Dent in the Universe with Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding is a residential real estate developer and the CEO of Norhart – a company focused on building exceptional apartments that create a better way for people to live. We discuss ways to attract amazing talent, the exciting future of smart homes, and how your company can put a dent in the universe.  — […]

155: Dodge Shiny Objects with Will Bowden

Will Bowden is the Founder and Owner of Grasshopper Farms – local Michigan farmers on a mission to grow and provide high-quality cannabis. We discuss the future of cannabis farming, how to dodge shiny objects, and the difference between outdoor and indoor cannabis farming. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/7dp9em/MBP_EP155_Audio.mp3   Dodge Shiny Objects […]

154: Give Your Customers an ROI with Jordan Gal

Jordan Gal is the Founder of Rally, a technology solution that creates a seamless checkout experience for customers. We discuss the benefits of building a unique business, ways to create a satisfactory store experience for your clients, and how the unbundling of marketplaces is redefining ecommerce.  — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/r8fxnm/MBP_EP154_Audio.mp3   Give […]

153: Build a Lead Gen FlyWheel with Tyler Sickmeyer

Tyler Sickmeyer is the marketing thought leader and Founder of Fidelitas, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that serves clients worldwide. He is also the owner of the San Diego Sharks Basketball Team. We discuss the easiest way to build a lead gen flywheel, the benefits of investing in a professional sports team, and how […]

152: Make Your Business Franchiseable with Stephen Sacks 

Stephen Sacks is the Founder of Funding Nav, a company focused on delivering real-time advice and execution to owners of businesses looking to raise additional liquidity. We discuss how to make your business franchisable, ways to grow your business without loans, and how to succeed by learning from other people’s failures. — Listen to the […]

151: Groom Customer Champions with Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld is the Founder and CEO of The RackN Digital Rebar platform that helps organizations scale their automation efforts. We discuss ways to turn customers into raving fans, the fastest way to build trust in your business, and the pros and cons of open-source software.  — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/83fbbh/MBP_EP151_Audio.mp3   Groom […]

150: Become a Digital Nomad with Indiana Gregg

Indiana Gregg is a tech entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, and the Founder & CEO of Wedo – the world’s first commission-free social freelance platform. We discuss the pros and cons of being a digital nomad, easy ways to get people to switch to your platform, and how to use network effects to scale your business.  — Listen […]

149: Delegate at the Speed of Thought with Francis Pedraza

Francis Pedraza is the CEO of Invisible Technologies, an operations-as-a-service company that works with clients to solve complex scaling challenges and optimize mind-numbing workflows. We discuss ways to delegate at the speed of thought, how to stop wasting time on routine tasks, and the drawbacks of using an outsourcing company. — Listen to the podcast […]

148:Clarify Your Own Thinking with Dan Roam

Dan Roam is a creative director, visual storyteller and bestselling author who helps businesses tell their best stories, solve complex problems, and navigate change through visual storytelling. We discuss the power of visual storytelling, how to clarify your own thinking, and ways to tell a story with ten emotional turns. — Listen to the podcast […]

147: Become a Social CEO with Kristi Piehl

Kristi Piehl is the Founder & CEO of Media Minefield, a team of trained journalists, storytellers, social, creative, and paid experts who come alongside you to unlock the power and profit of your story. We discuss the problem with modern PR, how to become a social CEO fast, and the best way to tell your […]

146: Apply The Bezos Blueprint With Scott Dettman

  Scott Dettman is the CEO of Avenica, an entry-level career-launching company focused on providing a better way to connect high-potential talent to meaningful career roles using data science, psychology, and empathy. We discuss ways to make entry-level hiring more efficient, the death of recruiting, and some controversial thoughts on talent. — Listen to the […]

145: Hide Complexity From Your User With Charles Fry

  Charles Fry is the Founder and CEO of CODE Éxitos, a product studio that helps entrepreneurs and innovators design, build, and launch digital products. We discuss the foundational aspects of building digital products, how to develop transformational digital products, and ways to successfully become an agile business. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/6fpguh/MBP_EP145_Audio.mp3 […]

144: Learn Time-Marketing With Brad Ebenhoeh

  Brad Ebenhoeh is the CEO and Managing Partner of Accountfully, a bookkeeping and accounting firm that helps businesses grow through smart and tailored financial solutions. We discuss the basics of time marketing, why you need to be friends with your clients, and ways AI is shaping accounting businesses. — Listen to the podcast here […]

143: Provide Free, Actionable Content With Sean Boyle

  Sean Boyle is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Momentum 360, a premiere marketing company offering services in 3D virtual tours, photography, and videography. We discuss ways to grow your business using virtual tours, why you need to consistently provide free but actionable content, and how to make your clients feel genuinely appreciated. — […]

142: Put Your Remote Team In Your Pocket With Emma Giles

Emma Giles is the Co-Founder and COO of SoWork, a fast-growing startup on a mission to move the world of work from the Earth to the Cloud by building virtual spaces. We discuss the future of virtual work, tips on working remotely across different time zones, and what it’s like to work in a virtual […]

141: Attract Top Clients And Top Talent With Dave Beeler

  Dave Beeler is the President of Beeler Construction, a third generation, family-owned commercial general contractor which runs projects across all industries from medical to retail to manufacturing. We discuss characteristics of successful family-owned businesses, how to grow your business using management blueprints, and ways to attract top talent and top clients. — Listen to […]

140: Drive Sales Through Conference Speaking With Mark Bealin

  Mark Bealin is the Founder and Principal of SearchLab, a rapidly growing internet marketing agency that helps local businesses grow through search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and website design. We discuss the evolution of SEO, how to drive sales through conference speaking, and ways to get more conference speaking opportunities.   — Listen to […]

139: Leverage Your Bitcoin Savings With Aki Balogh

  Aki Balogh is the Co-founder and President of MarketMuse and the CEO of DLC.link, a platform that lets users lock their Bitcoin in escrow, supply Bitcoin as collateral, and earn a yield while maintaining full ownership. We discuss ways to leverage your Bitcoin to earn a yield, what a wider crypto adoption means for […]

138: Fear Not To Share Equity With Ian Schnoor

  Ian Schnoor is the Executive Director of the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) and Founder of The Marquee Group, a leading financial modeling training, consulting, and accreditation provider. We discuss financial modeling essentials, the basics of giving equity to your employees, and effective ways to attract and retain good employees.   — Listen to the podcast […]

137: Resurrect Your Direct Mail Campaign With Dave Fink

  Dave Fink is the CEO and Co-Founder of Postie, a marketing technology company that has transformed Direct Mail by enabling it to perform like a digital channel. We discuss the new age of direct mail marketing, why customers prefer direct mail over other marketing channels, and the benefits of testing everything in your business.   […]

136: Keep Your Employees And Customers For Life With Joyce Durst

  Joyce Durst is the Co-founder and CEO of Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a leading nearshore software development company that partners with US-based clients to develop custom software applications. We break down what it takes to keep customers for life, how to run remote teams successfully, and ways diversity can be a company’s secret weapon.   […]

135: Learn The MVP Startup Blueprint With Ayush Singhvi

  Ayush Singhvi is an experienced engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of Byldd. Byldd is a venture studio that helps early-stage founders build and launch revenue-generating platforms in under a month for less than $10K. We discuss proven ways to find a technical co-founder quickly, the basics of product validation, and how entrepreneurs can build a […]

134: Lead Leaders And Manage Managers With Julian Chapman

  Julian Chapman is the President of Forrest & Company, an organizational transformation firm that helps companies achieve strategic competitive advantage through consulting, coaching, and training. He is also the author of The Managerial Leadership Journey: An Unconventional Business Pursuit. We discuss what it means to be a servant leader, the science of structuring an […]

133: Groom Self-Managing ”Sell-Cells” With Enrique Alvarez

  Enrique Alvarez is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Vector Global Logistics, which is dedicated to changing the world through the supply chain. We discuss the benefits of having financial transparency in an organization, how the self-managing “sell-cells” at Vector work, and the secrets of great results in an organization.  — Listen to the […]

132: Leverage A Communication Canvas With Caleb Gardner

  Caleb Gardner is a sought-after speaker and founding partner of 18 Coffees, where he helps leaders navigate change and get a foothold in the future. He is also the author of the recently released No Point B: Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy. We discuss the rules for leading change, the […]

131: Build A Remote Org On A Written Culture With Abhishek Nayak

  Abhishek Nayak is the CEO and Founder of Appsmith, the first open-source, low-code platform that helps businesses with all types of custom internal applications. We discuss business models for open-source software, the steps to creating a remarkable product, and the main tenets of a solid remote culture. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/b7mc8x/MBP_EP131_Audio.mp3 […]

130: Turn Strangers Into Evangelists With Wayne Mullins

  Wayne Mullins is a passionate entrepreneur and the CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing, a digital agency whose core business is to deliver results for growth-oriented businesses. We discuss the benefits of exceeding customer expectations, how businesses can turn strangers into raving fans, and why company culture is your competitive advantage. — Listen to the […]

129: Create A Piece Of Mind Legal Framework With Dara Rosenbaum

  Dara Rosenbaum is the founding partner of Rosenbaum & Taylor, a boutique law firm specializing in the high-quality legal representation of businesses throughout New York. We discuss the “Set It and Forget It” management blueprint, what to do when people underestimate you, and how to handle power imbalances in a negotiation. — Listen to […]

128: Make Your People Happy With Danny Cohanpour

  Danny Cohanpour is the CEO of Trove Tourism Development Advisors, a New York-based digital strategy and marketing agency that helps tourism authorities, boards, associations and tour companies improve international visitor growth through innovation. We discuss the ingredients to successfully market a tourist destination, how to run a global tourism team, and the state of […]

127: Create A Content Engine With TJ Bonaventura

TJ Bonaventura is the Co-Founder of StudioPod, a full-service podcast media and production company based in Mexico City. We talk about the processes of using podcasts to create a content engine, how to repurpose your podcast content and the best ways to promote your podcast. — Listen to the podcast here https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/itcipq/MBP_Ep127_Audio.mp3   Create A […]

126: Draw Your Business Success Triangle With Victor Gichun

Victor Gichun is the Co-Founder of Excess Logic, the number one reverse logistics company which helps over 500 companies remarket and dispose of electronic equipment they no longer need. We discuss the key elements in the Business Success Triangle, the power of visualization, and how to work in the US on a tourist visa. — […]

125: Practice Psychological Management With Abdullah Boulad

Abdullah Boulad is the Founder and CEO of The Balance, an exclusive luxury rehabilitation and recovery treatment center specially designed for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, VIPs, and celebrities. He is also the author of Living a Life in Balance. We discuss the basics of psychological management, how to live a life of balance, and […]

124: Create A Care Culture With Brandon Peterson

Brandon Peterson is the COO of DPA auctions and CEO of Geokey Inc, a cloud-based mobile access solution for doors, gates, elevators, padlocks, and more. We discuss the 3 Cs of marketing, how to create a care culture in your business, and what it takes to build a competition-proof business. — Listen to the podcast […]

123: Apply Sequential Function Release With Rob Ashton

Rob Ashton is the founder and former CEO of Emphasis, a global leader in the professional writing consultancy space, having served some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley and high-ranking government agencies. We discuss how entrepreneurs can release functions in their businesses, critical considerations before hiring your first salesperson, and how to make […]

122: Big Picture Marketing And PR With Megan Nivens-Tannett

Megan Nivens-Tannett is the founder and CEO of Flourish, an agency that helps businesses thrive through strategic marketing and public relations solutions. We discuss big-picture marketing, the benefits of having a strategic business partner, and how stupid questions challenge assumptions. --- Listen to the podcast here [audio src="https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/puzpue/MBP_Megan_Nivens-Tannett_Audio9cc3u.mp3" /]   Big Picture Marketing And PR [...]

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