Management Blueprint Podcast

Interviews with CEOs and Entrepreneurs about the frameworks they are using to build and scale their businesses.

201: Have Your Customers Write Your Pitch with Tim Calise

Tim Calise, the managing member of Koko Fit Club, a fitness technology company and the founder of Acote Consulting that partners with and invests in the owners of sub $3 million recurring revenue service businesses. We discuss about the Product to Profit framework, why lead magnets don’t always work and the process for building an […]

200: Engage Your Remote Team with Vivek Nigam

Vivek Nigam, the founder and CEO of BeRemote LLC, which promotes products that help break down cultural barriers, level the social playing field, support inclusion in a hybrid work setting, and provide a better platform for idea sharing. We discuss the five tactics you can employ to improve team participation, the role of AI in […]

199: Build A Remote Service Business with Dan Brownsher

Dan Brownsher, founder and CEO of ChannelKey, a full-service channel management marketplace agency specialized in increasing sales for retail brands on Amazon and other digital marketplaces. We discuss about the Remote Recurring Service Business Framework, how Amazon build its original flywheel, and the good ways to reduce churn on a service business. — Listen to […]

198: Innovate Your Outbound Marketing with Vitalii Romanchenko

Vitalii Romachenko, CEO and co-founder of, a company that generates learning and development video content with real human narrators from just text. We discuss about services, how to promote business using outbound messaging through LinkedIn and Email, the ideal content that can be amplified through AI-driven voices and Who are ideally suited to […]

197: Scale Your Business Your Way with John St. Pierre

John St. Pierre the co-founder and chairman of Brand Point Services and multi-site facility maintenance and remodeling contractor. He’s also the author of the $100 Million Journey and the co-host of the Entrepreneurs United podcast. We discuss about how to align company core values with personal ones, the Build Your Ideal Business Framework and the […]

196: Productize Your Service with Greg Alexander

Greg Alexander, the founder of Collective54, the mastermind community for boutique professional services firms. We discuss about the secrets of a good mastermind group, the Boutique Framework, steps to productizing a service and how to benchmark yourself as a professional service firm. — Listen to the podcast here   Productize Your Service with Greg […]

195: Focus On Your People First with Will Blake

Will Blake, the owner of Vesta Foundation Solutions, a foundation repair and crawl space waterproofing company in Oklahoma City and Northwest Arkansas. We discuss about the crucial how to cultivate a great culture, the 5 Summits Framework, characteristics of good leadership, Gen Z employees’ pros and cons, and the future of the Foundation Repair industry. […]

194: Create Customer Familiarity with Sharekh Shaikh

Sharehk Shaikh, the founder of CleverX, the audience discovery platform for market and product research teams, and the co-founder of Reflow AI, a company that provides AI agents to build and run your HR tasks and workflows. We discuss about the importance of understanding customer needs and building a complete solution, the Create Familiarity Framework, […]

193: Manage Well Remotely with Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell is the CEO of Cascade Insights, a competitive intelligence and market research firm for B2B technology companies. We discuss the benefits of niching down, what it takes to manage remote teams successfully, and the 3 things all your clients expect from your business.  — Listen to the podcast here   Manage Well […]

192: Cultivate a Networking Group with Brian Jue

Brian Jue is the COO of Stony Hill Advisors, a full-service brokerage firm connecting sellers of privately owned businesses with qualified buyers. We discuss the foundations of a productive networking group, how to build your ideal life after selling your business, and the friction points to expect when buying or selling a business.  — Listen […]

191: Divide-and-Conquer Partnership with Kyle Geers

Kyle Geers is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zeroed-In Consulting, an accounting firm that strives to ease the pain points within a business through breakthrough technologies and continuous innovation. We discuss the foundations of a strong business partnership, the things you must do before entering a 50-50 partnership, and how AI is disrupting accounting and […]

190: Future-Proof Your Startup with Ari Tulla

Ari Tulla is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Elo Health, an AI personalization engine delivering the exact nutrients to live better. We discuss practical ways to future-proof your startup, the benefits of starting small, and the 3 things every startup must do to succeed. — Listen to the podcast here   Future-Proof […]

189: Discover Your Ideal Self with Doug Lennick

Doug Lennick is a best-selling author, CEO, and Co-Founder of Think2perform, an agency specializing in performance development for individuals and teams. We discuss effective tips for improving self-awareness, ways to become a top performer in all aspects of your life, and how to uncover your ideal self.  — Listen to the podcast here   […]

188: Scale Your Finance Function with Jason Kruger

Jason Kruger is the President and Founder of Signature Analytics, an accounting firm providing outsourced accounting and strategic financial solutions to mid-sized companies who need more clarity from their financial data. We discuss the best way to get the most out of your finance data, how to uncover your business’ profit drivers, and the future […]

187: How to Never be Offended with Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Particle41, a global software consultancy that offers end-to-end product development services. We discuss ways to ensure you never get offended, why extreme ownership is crucial for business success, and the benefits of using private AI.  — Listen to the podcast here   How to Never be […]

186: Tap into an Instant Workforce with Scott Absher

Scott Absher is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ShiftPixy, a next-gen gig economy platform revolutionizing today’s shift workforce. We discuss the future of the shift economy, how to use AI to manage your workforce, and ways to get an endless supply of shift workers.  — Listen to the podcast here   Tap […]

185: Make Your Sales More Productive with Joel Stevenson

Joel Stevenson is the CEO of Yesware, a sales engagement software that helps high-performing sales teams do meaningful email outreach at scale. We discuss the future of sales outreach, ways salespeople can become more productive, and the fastest way to drive awareness for your products.  — Listen to the podcast here   Make Your […]

184: Structure Your Success in 4 Steps with Patrick Esposito

Patrick Esposito is the CEO and Founder of Initiative Labs. He is also the President and Co-Founder of ACME General Corp, a company focused on driving rapid innovation in the national security space. We break down the four steps in the structure of success framework, how to achieve continuous success in your business, and the […]

183: Make Money by Doing Good with Ricky Marton

Ricky Marton is the Founder & CEO of Koru, an easy-to-use software service that helps companies build a balanced and diversified impact portfolio through strategic partnerships. We discuss how you can become profitable by doing good in society, why you need to focus on ESG as a small business, and how businesses can become a […]

182: Become a Serendipity Magnet with Noah Graff

Noah Graff is a Machinery Dealer, Vice President, and Treasure Hunter at Graff-Pinkert & Co, a family-owned, 75-year-old firm dedicated to selling great machine tools to the turned parts industry. We discuss why luck is all about connecting the dots, how to become a serendipity magnet, and why weird deals make the most money. — […]

181: Inspire Extraordinary with James Ferrara 

James Ferrara is the Co-Founder and President of InteleTravel, the largest travel agency in the world measured by number of agents. We discuss simple ways to inspire the extraordinary in your team members, why you must fully understand your customer’s needs, and how to turn business challenges into opportunities. — Listen to the podcast here […]

180: Manufacture a Brand with Ed Delia 

Ed Delia is the President of Delia Associates, a branding, marketing, and PR agency focused on B2B businesses in manufacturing, technology, engineering, pharmaceutical, and industrial services. We discuss the importance of an authentic brand-audience connection, how to uncover your ideal target market, and the easiest way to manufacture your brand from scratch.  — Listen to […]

179: Pass the TwoWeek Vacation Test with Austin Netzley

Austin Netzley is an author, investor, and business growth advisor. He is also the Founder and CEO of 2X, where he helps entrepreneurs implement proven systems and strategies to reclaim their time, improve their operations, and scale predictably. We discuss the foundations of the two-week vacation test, how to have complete control of your time […]

178: Build Your Business on LinkedIn with Seth Farbman

Seth Farbman is the Chairman and President of VStock Transfer, a stock transfer agent providing best-in-class services combined with a cost-savings structure and personalized customer service. We discuss the fastest way to build your business on LinkedIn, the role of a stock transfer agency, and why you must understand your customer’s needs to be successful […]

177: Crush Delegation with Barry Coziahr 

Barry Coziahr is the CEO of Stampede Branding and owner of Freetime Solutions, a virtual assistant placement agency. We discuss how to get the most out of a virtual assistant, selling your time for the right price, and how to become better at delegating tasks to VAs. — Listen to the podcast here   […]

176: Apply Radical Transparency with Daniel Todd

Daniel Todd is the CEO and Founder of Influence Mobile, a company that builds products that reward people for everyday activities. We discuss ways to apply radical transparency to your business, how to become more industrious as an entrepreneur, and the benefits of being more transparent with your team. — Listen to the podcast here […]

175: Give your People Superpowers with David Carter

David CM Carter is the Chairman & Founder of Entelechy Academy Limited, the world’s 1st learning experience specializing in Character Qualities to enhance all skills. We discuss how character gives a team superpowers, the Be-Do-Become framework, and how long it takes to become the best version of yourself. — Listen to the podcast here […]

174: Nail Project Delivery with Jay Aigner

Jay Aigner is the CEO of JDAQA, LLC, a scalable team of experienced software quality assurance professionals that helps software development teams remove the stress of testing. We discuss the project delivery framework, ways to remove yourself from the business process, and why software testing is important. — Listen to the podcast here   […]

173: Pull on 4 Growth Levers with Vikram Raya

Vikram Raya is the CEO of Viking Capital, a multi-family real estate investment syndication firm, and Limitless MD, a firm helping MDs succeed in business and life. We discuss the four growth levers all companies must pull to succeed, the benefits of doubling down on your zone of genius, and what makes people unsuccessful. — […]

Deliver Better Product, Faster with David Subar

172: Deliver Better Product, Faster with David Subar

David Subar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Interna, an IT Services and Consulting company focused on making product development successful and effective. We discuss the foundation of the lean startup approach, failure as a catalyst for learning, and ways to deliver better products faster. — Listen to the podcast here Deliver Better […]

171: Exude Positive Energy with Nima Shemirani

Dr. Nima Shemirani is a Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgeon at Eos Rejuvenation – a medical office dedicated to all aspects of plastic surgery for the face. We discuss the problem with modern healthcare, how to get the most out of plastic surgery, and ways to exude positive energy in your business.  — Listen to […]

170: Build a VA-Run Company with Joe Rare

Joe Rare is the Owner and CEO of Level 9 Virtual, a first-in-class virtual assistants service provider on a mission to give business owners freedom of time and money through outsourcing. We discuss the future of work in an age of virtual assistants, the best places to find trained VAs, and how to build your […]

169: Build Your Wealth in 4 Steps with Elliot Kallen

Elliot Kallen is the Owner of Prosperity Financial Group, where he helps successful individuals, families, and businesses to build, manage, and protect their wealth. We discuss the four main steps to building wealth, the number one goal for retirees today, and what holistic wealth management is all about. — Listen to the podcast here […]

168: Adopt a Culture Operating System with Doug Camplejohn

Doug Camplejohn is the Founder and CEO of Airspeed, a suite of Slack apps that help employees feel more connected and appreciated. We discuss how leaders can be more deliberate about building their culture, ways to build relationships among employees in remote settings, and how AI and automation can help facilitate and improve six key […]

Master the LinkedIn Post Framework with Justin Nassiri

167: Master the LinkedIn Post Framework with Justin Nassiri

Justin M. Nassiri is the CEO of Executive Presence, a social media service that provides a fully managed LinkedIn presence for top CEOs in a way that is authentic, efficient, and measurable. We discuss the benefits of having a CEO who is active on LinkedIn, ways to stay top of mind on LinkedIn, and why […]

Converse Your Way to Customers with Tom Schwab

166: Converse Your Way to Customers with Tom Schwab

Tom Schwab is the Chief Evangelist Officer & Founder of Interview Valet, a podcast guesting marketing service helping thought leaders drive growth by leveraging other people’s audiences. We discuss the power of podcast guesting, how to use podcasts as a business development tool, and ways to guest on high-quality podcasts.  — Listen to the podcast […]

165: Master Your Top of Funnel with Christian Banach

Christian Banach is the Principal & Chief Growth Officer of Christian Banach LLC. He helps agencies land 6 and 7-figure opportunities predictably through consulting, training, and outsourced lead generation services. We discuss the benefits of mastering your top-of-funnel, ways to provide customized value to clients, and the future of communicating with prospects.  — Listen to […]

164: Bond by Sharing Your Stories with Manuj Aggarwal

Manuj Aggarwal is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of TetraNoodle Technologies, a premier data science, and AI consulting company focused on helping SMB & SaaS companies unlock the power of data and AI. We discuss ways to effortlessly get people’s buy-in, learning to automate AI processes, and how AI can help grow your business.  […]

163: Build Your Dreams Into Your Home with Christopher Brement

Christopher Brement is the Founder and President of Bramante Homes, an employee-run custom builder that has been building quality, premium, and luxury homes since the 1980s. We discuss the secret source to building luxury homes, why people chose to customize their homes, and the cost of a fiduciary custom home builder. — Listen to the […]

162: Invest in Relationships with Leonard Mazur

Leonard Mazur is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Citius Pharma, a late-stage biopharma company focused on the development and commercialization of first-in-class critical care products. We discuss the benefits of investing in your professional relationships, investment opportunities in biopharma, and ways to minimize the risks of your investments. — Listen to the podcast here […]

161: Scale Your Retail Brand on Amazon with Allan Marshall

Allan Marshall is the CEO of Upexi Inc, a publicly listed investment platform that acquires profitable, data-driven Amazon and eCommerce brands. We discuss ways to scale your retail brand on Amazon, how to invest in an eCommerce business, and the right ingredients for launching an online brand.  — Listen to the podcast here   […]

160: Supercharge Your Expertise Using ChatGPT with Mfon Akpan

Mfon Akpan is an assistant professor of accounting at Methodist University. He is also an expert on ChatGPT and the host of the Understanding Accounting YouTube channel. We discuss using AI language models in business, how to ask smart questions on ChatGPT, and ways ChatGPT can supercharge your small business growth.  — Listen to the […]

159: Implement a Simple OKR System with Pete Wilkinson

Pete Wilkinson is the Founder and CEO of Reclaro 1-3-5, a company focused on helping ambitious CEOs and MDs accelerate their business results using beautifully presented software. We discuss ways OKRs can speed up business success, how to develop persistence in business, and ways to build an unstoppable attitude.  — Listen to the podcast here […]

158: Focus on Growth, Security, and Brand with Tracy Gregorio

Tracy Gregorio is the Chief Executive Officer of G2 Ops, Inc – an engineering firm providing clients with cost-effective, model-based cybersecurity solutions tailored to deliver capability against the emergent threats of information warfare. We discuss the evolution of cybersecurity, how to evolve your business into a product company, and the three most important priorities in […]

157: Remove Investment Bias with Michael Episcope

Michael Episcope is the Co-CEO of Origin Investments, a private equity real estate firm designed for the needs of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and wealth management firms. We discuss ways business owners can remove investment bias from their processes, why you need to consider investing in a fund, and how to make better decisions in […]

156: Put a Dent in the Universe with Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding is a residential real estate developer and the CEO of Norhart – a company focused on building exceptional apartments that create a better way for people to live. We discuss ways to attract amazing talent, the exciting future of smart homes, and how your company can put a dent in the universe.  — […]

155: Dodge Shiny Objects with Will Bowden

Will Bowden is the Founder and Owner of Grasshopper Farms – local Michigan farmers on a mission to grow and provide high-quality cannabis. We discuss the future of cannabis farming, how to dodge shiny objects, and the difference between outdoor and indoor cannabis farming. — Listen to the podcast here   Dodge Shiny Objects […]

154: Give Your Customers an ROI with Jordan Gal

Jordan Gal is the Founder of Rally, a technology solution that creates a seamless checkout experience for customers. We discuss the benefits of building a unique business, ways to create a satisfactory store experience for your clients, and how the unbundling of marketplaces is redefining ecommerce.  — Listen to the podcast here   Give […]

153: Build a Lead Gen FlyWheel with Tyler Sickmeyer

Tyler Sickmeyer is the marketing thought leader and Founder of Fidelitas, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that serves clients worldwide. He is also the owner of the San Diego Sharks Basketball Team. We discuss the easiest way to build a lead gen flywheel, the benefits of investing in a professional sports team, and how […]

152: Make Your Business Franchiseable with Stephen Sacks 

Stephen Sacks is the Founder of Funding Nav, a company focused on delivering real-time advice and execution to owners of businesses looking to raise additional liquidity. We discuss how to make your business franchisable, ways to grow your business without loans, and how to succeed by learning from other people’s failures. — Listen to the […]

151: Groom Customer Champions with Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld is the Founder and CEO of The RackN Digital Rebar platform that helps organizations scale their automation efforts. We discuss ways to turn customers into raving fans, the fastest way to build trust in your business, and the pros and cons of open-source software.  — Listen to the podcast here   Groom […]

150: Become a Digital Nomad with Indiana Gregg

Indiana Gregg is a tech entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, and the Founder & CEO of Wedo – the world’s first commission-free social freelance platform. We discuss the pros and cons of being a digital nomad, easy ways to get people to switch to your platform, and how to use network effects to scale your business.  — Listen […]

149: Delegate at the Speed of Thought with Francis Pedraza

Francis Pedraza is the CEO of Invisible Technologies, an operations-as-a-service company that works with clients to solve complex scaling challenges and optimize mind-numbing workflows. We discuss ways to delegate at the speed of thought, how to stop wasting time on routine tasks, and the drawbacks of using an outsourcing company. — Listen to the podcast […]

148:Clarify Your Own Thinking with Dan Roam

Dan Roam is a creative director, visual storyteller and bestselling author who helps businesses tell their best stories, solve complex problems, and navigate change through visual storytelling. We discuss the power of visual storytelling, how to clarify your own thinking, and ways to tell a story with ten emotional turns. — Listen to the podcast […]

147: Become a Social CEO with Kristi Piehl

Kristi Piehl is the Founder & CEO of Media Minefield, a team of trained journalists, storytellers, social, creative, and paid experts who come alongside you to unlock the power and profit of your story. We discuss the problem with modern PR, how to become a social CEO fast, and the best way to tell your […]

146: Apply The Bezos Blueprint With Scott Dettman

  Scott Dettman is the CEO of Avenica, an entry-level career-launching company focused on providing a better way to connect high-potential talent to meaningful career roles using data science, psychology, and empathy. We discuss ways to make entry-level hiring more efficient, the death of recruiting, and some controversial thoughts on talent. — Listen to the […]

145: Hide Complexity From Your User With Charles Fry

  Charles Fry is the Founder and CEO of CODE Éxitos, a product studio that helps entrepreneurs and innovators design, build, and launch digital products. We discuss the foundational aspects of building digital products, how to develop transformational digital products, and ways to successfully become an agile business. — Listen to the podcast here […]

144: Learn Time-Marketing With Brad Ebenhoeh

  Brad Ebenhoeh is the CEO and Managing Partner of Accountfully, a bookkeeping and accounting firm that helps businesses grow through smart and tailored financial solutions. We discuss the basics of time marketing, why you need to be friends with your clients, and ways AI is shaping accounting businesses. — Listen to the podcast here […]

143: Provide Free, Actionable Content With Sean Boyle

  Sean Boyle is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Momentum 360, a premiere marketing company offering services in 3D virtual tours, photography, and videography. We discuss ways to grow your business using virtual tours, why you need to consistently provide free but actionable content, and how to make your clients feel genuinely appreciated. — […]

142: Put Your Remote Team In Your Pocket With Emma Giles

Emma Giles is the Co-Founder and COO of SoWork, a fast-growing startup on a mission to move the world of work from the Earth to the Cloud by building virtual spaces. We discuss the future of virtual work, tips on working remotely across different time zones, and what it’s like to work in a virtual […]

141: Attract Top Clients And Top Talent With Dave Beeler

  Dave Beeler is the President of Beeler Construction, a third generation, family-owned commercial general contractor which runs projects across all industries from medical to retail to manufacturing. We discuss characteristics of successful family-owned businesses, how to grow your business using management blueprints, and ways to attract top talent and top clients. — Listen to […]

140: Drive Sales Through Conference Speaking With Mark Bealin

  Mark Bealin is the Founder and Principal of SearchLab, a rapidly growing internet marketing agency that helps local businesses grow through search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and website design. We discuss the evolution of SEO, how to drive sales through conference speaking, and ways to get more conference speaking opportunities.   — Listen to […]

139: Leverage Your Bitcoin Savings With Aki Balogh

  Aki Balogh is the Co-founder and President of MarketMuse and the CEO of, a platform that lets users lock their Bitcoin in escrow, supply Bitcoin as collateral, and earn a yield while maintaining full ownership. We discuss ways to leverage your Bitcoin to earn a yield, what a wider crypto adoption means for […]

138: Fear Not To Share Equity With Ian Schnoor

  Ian Schnoor is the Executive Director of the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) and Founder of The Marquee Group, a leading financial modeling training, consulting, and accreditation provider. We discuss financial modeling essentials, the basics of giving equity to your employees, and effective ways to attract and retain good employees.   — Listen to the podcast […]

137: Resurrect Your Direct Mail Campaign With Dave Fink

  Dave Fink is the CEO and Co-Founder of Postie, a marketing technology company that has transformed Direct Mail by enabling it to perform like a digital channel. We discuss the new age of direct mail marketing, why customers prefer direct mail over other marketing channels, and the benefits of testing everything in your business.   […]

136: Keep Your Employees And Customers For Life With Joyce Durst

  Joyce Durst is the Co-founder and CEO of Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a leading nearshore software development company that partners with US-based clients to develop custom software applications. We break down what it takes to keep customers for life, how to run remote teams successfully, and ways diversity can be a company’s secret weapon.   […]

135: Learn The MVP Startup Blueprint With Ayush Singhvi

  Ayush Singhvi is an experienced engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of Byldd. Byldd is a venture studio that helps early-stage founders build and launch revenue-generating platforms in under a month for less than $10K. We discuss proven ways to find a technical co-founder quickly, the basics of product validation, and how entrepreneurs can build a […]

134: Lead Leaders And Manage Managers With Julian Chapman

  Julian Chapman is the President of Forrest & Company, an organizational transformation firm that helps companies achieve strategic competitive advantage through consulting, coaching, and training. He is also the author of The Managerial Leadership Journey: An Unconventional Business Pursuit. We discuss what it means to be a servant leader, the science of structuring an […]

133: Groom Self-Managing ”Sell-Cells” With Enrique Alvarez

  Enrique Alvarez is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Vector Global Logistics, which is dedicated to changing the world through the supply chain. We discuss the benefits of having financial transparency in an organization, how the self-managing “sell-cells” at Vector work, and the secrets of great results in an organization.  — Listen to the […]

132: Leverage A Communication Canvas With Caleb Gardner

  Caleb Gardner is a sought-after speaker and founding partner of 18 Coffees, where he helps leaders navigate change and get a foothold in the future. He is also the author of the recently released No Point B: Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy. We discuss the rules for leading change, the […]

131: Build A Remote Org On A Written Culture With Abhishek Nayak

  Abhishek Nayak is the CEO and Founder of Appsmith, the first open-source, low-code platform that helps businesses with all types of custom internal applications. We discuss business models for open-source software, the steps to creating a remarkable product, and the main tenets of a solid remote culture. — Listen to the podcast here […]

130: Turn Strangers Into Evangelists With Wayne Mullins

  Wayne Mullins is a passionate entrepreneur and the CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing, a digital agency whose core business is to deliver results for growth-oriented businesses. We discuss the benefits of exceeding customer expectations, how businesses can turn strangers into raving fans, and why company culture is your competitive advantage. — Listen to the […]

129: Create A Piece Of Mind Legal Framework With Dara Rosenbaum

  Dara Rosenbaum is the founding partner of Rosenbaum & Taylor, a boutique law firm specializing in the high-quality legal representation of businesses throughout New York. We discuss the “Set It and Forget It” management blueprint, what to do when people underestimate you, and how to handle power imbalances in a negotiation. — Listen to […]

128: Make Your People Happy With Danny Cohanpour

  Danny Cohanpour is the CEO of Trove Tourism Development Advisors, a New York-based digital strategy and marketing agency that helps tourism authorities, boards, associations and tour companies improve international visitor growth through innovation. We discuss the ingredients to successfully market a tourist destination, how to run a global tourism team, and the state of […]

127: Create A Content Engine With TJ Bonaventura

TJ Bonaventura is the Co-Founder of StudioPod, a full-service podcast media and production company based in Mexico City. We talk about the processes of using podcasts to create a content engine, how to repurpose your podcast content and the best ways to promote your podcast. — Listen to the podcast here   Create A […]

126: Draw Your Business Success Triangle With Victor Gichun

Victor Gichun is the Co-Founder of Excess Logic, the number one reverse logistics company which helps over 500 companies remarket and dispose of electronic equipment they no longer need. We discuss the key elements in the Business Success Triangle, the power of visualization, and how to work in the US on a tourist visa. — […]

125: Practice Psychological Management With Abdullah Boulad

Abdullah Boulad is the Founder and CEO of The Balance, an exclusive luxury rehabilitation and recovery treatment center specially designed for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, VIPs, and celebrities. He is also the author of Living a Life in Balance. We discuss the basics of psychological management, how to live a life of balance, and […]

124: Create A Care Culture With Brandon Peterson

Brandon Peterson is the COO of DPA auctions and CEO of Geokey Inc, a cloud-based mobile access solution for doors, gates, elevators, padlocks, and more. We discuss the 3 Cs of marketing, how to create a care culture in your business, and what it takes to build a competition-proof business. — Listen to the podcast […]

123: Apply Sequential Function Release With Rob Ashton

Rob Ashton is the founder and former CEO of Emphasis, a global leader in the professional writing consultancy space, having served some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley and high-ranking government agencies. We discuss how entrepreneurs can release functions in their businesses, critical considerations before hiring your first salesperson, and how to make […]

122: Big Picture Marketing And PR With Megan Nivens-Tannett

Megan Nivens-Tannett is the founder and CEO of Flourish, an agency that helps businesses thrive through strategic marketing and public relations solutions. We discuss big-picture marketing, the benefits of having a strategic business partner, and how stupid questions challenge assumptions. --- Listen to the podcast here [audio src="" /]   Big Picture Marketing And PR [...]

121: Hit the Bullseye with your Content Marketing with Michael Marchese

Michael Marchese is the founder and CEO of Tempesta Media, a managed services provider specialized in performance driven content, social and influencer marketing programs for B2B businesses. We discuss how outsourced content creation works, how to measure content marketing ROI, and the use of technology in content creation. — Listen to the podcast here […]

120: Focus on the Top 20% with David McClellan

David McClellan is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Social Catfish, a company that helps consumers find lost personal connections and verify if people are really whom they say they are online. We discuss the challenges of hiring a marketing firm, the limits of being protected online, and having a realistic workload for your team. […]

119: Tread Your Profitable Author Pathway with Michael DeLon

Michael DeLon is the President of Paperback Expert, a book publishing firm that helps business owners create and publish books in less than 24 hours of their time. We discuss how to create a book without writing a word, essential book marketing ideas, and what writing a book does to your credibility. — Listen to […]

118: Take the Swiss Army Knife of Management from Tania Luna

Tania Luna is the co-founder and chair of LifeLabs Learning and the best-selling author of The Leader Lab: Core Skills to Become a Great Manager Faster. We talk about the making of a great leader, coaching as the most important skill in leadership, and how too much entrepreneurship can be a bad thing. — Listen […]

117: Protect Your Primary Asset with Kris Kluver

Kristopher Kluver is a former serial entrepreneur and the founder of Life on Your Terms, a coaching consulting firm that helps people redesign their life based on their definition of success. We talk about the four main pillars of a successful life, why you need to be unreasonable to be extraordinary, and how businesses can […]

116: Ignite Distributed Growth with Karla Singson 

Karla Singson is the CEO of Scalewind, a company that provides creative, tech, customer & admin support to companies that want to grow and scale without the hassles of HR, legal, and manpower management. We talk about the Distributing Growth framework, the scary part of growing a business, and factors to consider before outsourcing tasks.  […]

115: Design Lovable Products with the Cube Framework and Gleb Kuznetzov

Gleb Kuznetzov is the founder of Milkinside Design Studio and the Chief Design Officer of Brain Technologies, Inc, an AI and interface company that aims to reinvent computer interfaces and make software natural. We talk about the keys to a successful digital transformation, how to design lovable products, and reasons why startup founders must think […]

114: Build A Label-Free Meritocracy with Alexander Kunz

Alexander Kunz is the CEO and co-founder of OP2 Labs, an INC. 5000 company that develops, manufactures, and sells innovative nutritional supplements under two brand names, Frog Fuel and Pro T Gold. We discuss the core competencies of a good leader, how to build a label-less organizational culture, and the process of manufacturing nutritional supplements.  […]

113: Turn a Customer into Two with David St. Germain 

David St. Germain is the Founder and CEO of Cactus Credit which helps people improve their credit profiles. He is also the author of Zero To Hero: 7 Simple Strategies for Creating the Life You’ve Always Wanted. We talk about upselling best practices, the drawbacks of too much innovation, and the role of environment in […]

112: Build A Repeatable Sales Process with Pat Clawson

Pat Clawson is the chairman and CEO of Resurface Labs, a software company that provides continuous API security by detecting and responding to API attacks at runtime. We discuss the four main types of sales research, working with APIs in your business, and API security best practices.  — Listen to the podcast here   […]

111: Make Your People Care About Your Business with Sri Chellappa

Srikant Chellappa is the president and co-founder of Engagedly, an employee engagement and development software platform that redefines the performance review process. In his spare time, Sri also produces movies, makes music, and hosts the People Strategy Leaders Podcast. We discuss the benefits of having engaged employees, how OKRs ramp up employee motivation, and where […]

110: Discover Your Pricing Mistakes with Per Sjofors

Per Sjofors is a six-time CEO, pricing expert, and author of The Price Whisperer: a Holistic Approach to Pricing Power. We talk about price anchoring, the mistakes businesses make with pricing, and how low prices can potentially scare away customers.  — Listen to the podcast here   Discover Your Pricing Mistakes with Per Sjofors  […]

109: Hone Your Strategic Creativity with Robin Landa Episode Run Time

Robin Landa is an ideation expert, an author of 25 books, and a distinguished professor at Kean University in New York. And she is very prolific. We talk about strategic creativity, the benefits of being curious in life, and the difference between good copy and a sales pitch. — Listen to the podcast here […]

108: Legislate Your Business with Charles Brecque

Charles Brecque is the founder and CEO of Legislate, a tech company that makes it easy for non-lawyers to safely create, manage, and search lawyer-approved contracts on a no-legal budget. We talk about advanced contract management, how business deals fall apart because of contracts, and what to do when dealing with one-sided contracts.  — Listen […]

107: Define Your Own Category with Denis O’Shea

Denis O’Shea is the founder of Mobile Mentor, an MSP helping clients find and maintain the right balance between securing devices, protecting data, and empowering people to be productive. We talk about cybersecurity for a remote workforce, how to go totally password-free, and how to turn your company into a “Category of One” business. — […]

106: Make the Mechanism Message with Jim Padilla

Jim Padilla is the founder and CEO of Gain the Edge, a sales service firm that provides business owners with top-notch sales teams, live events, and hands-free sales processes and systems. We talk about the Rainmaker Sales System, the role of emotions in buying decisions, and how to improve your control over the sales process. […]

105: Raise Your Execution Game with Alex Castro

Alex Castro is an execution alignment expert, best-selling author, and the creator of ReM Score. We discuss the role of an execution alignment expert, reasons why businesses struggle with strategy execution, and how the ReM Score drives innovation growth opportunities. — Listen to the podcast here   Raise Your Execution Game with Alex Castro  […]

104: 5 Steps to Exit Ready with Darryl Bates-Brownsword

Darryl Bates-Brownsword is the owner of Succession Plus, a boutique consulting firm that helps get businesses exit ready so owners can step back, maximize value, and leave on their own terms. We discuss the five steps to creating an exit-ready business, ways to add massive value to your business, and factors that shape a successful […]

103: Four Motivations to Choose a Franchise with Stacey Marmolejo

Stacey Marmolejo is the Principal Owner of the Franchise Prep Academy, where she focuses on teaching military veterans how to explore franchise ownership as a potential post-service career. We talk about the skills that define a great franchise owner, how to find the right franchise to invest in, and the biggest challenges to growing a […]

102: Digital Marketing in 5 Steps with Brandon Leibowitz

Brandon Leibowitz is the founder and owner of SEO Optimizers, a full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in search engine optimization, website design, social media, and paid advertising. We talk about the importance of having niche-relevant backlinks, how to rank your website using SEO, and the anatomy of the perfect blog post.  — Listen to the […]

101: Automate Your Workflows with Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller is the Founder and Chief Experience Designer of Entire Productions, an Inc 5000 corporate event planning and entertainment management company. She is also the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream. We talk about the power of delegation in business, why musicians make great entrepreneurs, and […]

100: Proactively Protect Your Business with Matt Davis

Matt Davis is the CEO and Owner of Davis Business Law, a group of business lawyers dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs deal with the complex vulnerabilities in their business. He is also the author of The Art of Preventing Stupid: How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk Management. We talk about […]

99: Apply the 4 C’s of Leadership with Andy Neillie

Andy Neillie is an adjunct professor, best-selling author, and the owner of Aqua-Tots Swim School of Central Texas. He’s also the principal of the Neillie Leadership Group, where he helps organizations turn managers into leaders. We talk about the four leadership necessities, why communication is the most important skill in leadership, and best practices for […]

98: Join an Industry Peer Group with Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander is the CEO of MSP-Ignite, an organization that helps managed service providers achieve maximum equity and recurring revenues through facilitated peer groups. We talk about the benefits of being part of a peer group, the recurring revenue model’s impact on business valuation, and how to maximize your profit margins as an MSP. — […]

97: Create a Holacracy to Empower Your People with Dennis Van Der Heijden 

Dennis van der Heijden is the Founder, CEO, and Head of Global Happiness at, where they make e-commerce A/B and multivariate testing easy for agencies and experts. We talk about the Holacracy management system, why your website needs frequent testing and monitoring, and how to analyze the traffic coming to your website. — Listen […]

96: Build a Great Leadership Team with Jack McGuiness

Jack McGuinness is the co-founder of Relationship Impact, a consulting firm focused on helping great leaders build great leadership teams. He is also the author of a new book, Building Great Leadership Teams: A Practical Approach for Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Team. We talk about the benefits of having a great leadership team, […]

95: Define Workflow Your Grandma Can Use with Amit Kothari

Amit Kothari is the CEO of Tallyfy, a technology platform that helps business owners document and automate processes without being technical or process savvy. We talk about process improvement in small businesses, what it means to have a scalable business, and the drawbacks of using flowcharts when documenting business processes. — Listen to the podcast […]

94: Learn the Lifecycle Metrics Framework with Shane Foss

Shane Foss is the founder and CEO of Hooray Health, a limited benefit medical plan provider focused on providing practical health care plans and protecting their members against predatory balanced billing practices. We talk about the main stages of a business life cycle, how to avoid the predatory balance billing trap, and the main drivers […]

93: Deploy a Custom Business Operating System with Greg Cleary

Greg Cleary is the Founder of Pinnacle Business Guides, a community of entrepreneurial guides with real-world, hands-on experience running businesses. We talk about why people are the most important assets in your business, why you need a business operating system for your company, and why you would want to customize it for your business. Also […]

92: Apply the Eisenhower Matrix with Dave Romero

Dave Romero is the President of Unboxed Training and Technology, a company that creates learning experiences and technologies to help businesses embed continuous learning in the workplace. We talk about the Holy Grail of business longevity, how successful entrepreneurs eliminate complexity from their businesses, and why curiosity is the ultimate business superpower.  — Listen to […]

91: Web3 and Four Ways to Fund Your Business with Raghu Bala

Raghu Bala is the founder and CEO of NetObjex that operates Matrix, a Digital Asset-as-a-Service platform that helps enterprises harness the power of Internet of Things, AI, and blockchain technologies in constructing Web3 marketplaces. We talk about the democratization of data, the three primary categories of assets, and why virtual real estate is intentionally made […]

90: The E-Myth and a 401K for your Business with Van Carlson

Van Carlson is the CEO of SRA 831(b) Admin, a company that helps private businesses set up their own captive self-insurance to cover oversized and unusual risks threatening their businesses. We talk about the 831(b) insurance captive, tax-efficient strategies for funding insurance premiums, and the risks your business should be protected against when setting up […]

89: Give Your Stakeholders a Say with Eric Brotman

Eric Brotman is the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors, an independent firm assisting clients with wealth creation, preservation, and distribution. He is also the author of Don’t Retire… Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age. We talk about multi-generational financial planning, the benefits of flexible leadership, and why retirement should […]

88: Promote Employee Supremacy with Andy Alsop

Andy Alsop is the inventor of the Employee Supremacy Operational Model and the CEO of The Receptionist, a leading iPad-based visitor management solution installed in more than 5500 locations worldwide. We talk about the effectiveness of visitor management solutions, employee supremacy at the workplace, and how company cultures influence employee loyalty.  — Listen to the […]

87: Find Your North Star Metric with Peter Lehrman

Peter Lehrman is the CEO of Axial, a private deal network serving professionals who own, advise, and invest in North American lower middle-market companies. We talk about the North Star Metric, the due diligence checklist for buying a business, and the benefits of having perseverance in business.  — Listen to the podcast here   […]

86: Work Yourself Out of Business with Marie Hale

Marie Hale is the CEO of @revenue, an innovative sales and marketing company that empowers small and medium-sized business owners to create and lead successful sales teams as well as execute full scale marketing strategies. We talk about the benefits of having a solid management blueprint, Professional Love in sales, and the key features in […]

85: The Magic of Peer Groups with Ken Wingate

Kenneth Wingate is the founder and president of North Point Builders, a general contractor focusing on designing and building government facilities, hospitals, medical centers, K-12 schools, universities, churches, and community centers. We talk about the benefits of having a business mentor, tips for growing a general contractor business, and the average number of employees in […]

84: Build Topical Authority with Charles Frydenborg

Charles Frydenborg is the CEO of MarketMuse, an AI-driven platform that helps transform how content creators research, plan, and craft their content. We talk about how to keep up with Google’s ever-changing search algorithm, the key elements of an effective content marketing strategy, and why written content is here to stay. –— Listen to the […]

83: Position Your Business with Saleema Vellani

Saleema Vellani is an award-winning innovation strategist, serial entrepreneur, professor, and author of the book Innovation Starts With ‘I.’ She is also the Founder and CEO of Ripple Impact, an accelerator and community that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We talk about innovation in today’s business environment, how to future-proof your business, and the benefits […]

82: Build A Custom Operating System with Pramod Raheja

Pramod Raheja is the CEO and co-founder of Airgility, a leading designer and manufacturer of autonomous, unmanned aerial systems (UAS). He is also a pilot with 25 years of experience captaining passenger flights with United Airlines. We talk about the unmanned aerial systems industry, the benefits of having a daily/weekly huddle, and the effectiveness of […]

80: The 4 Pillars of Building Value with Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald is the CEO and President of Geoff McDonald and Associates, a leading injury law firm focused on protecting injury victims and their families from insurance companies. We talk about the results-only work environment, the 20-mile march in business, how businesses can find their core focus. — Listen to the podcast here   […]

79: Ignite the 4 Dimensions of Your Events with Don Neal

Don Neal is the Founder of 360 Live media, an award-winning event strategy, marketing, and design agency that helps associations maximize the impact of their events. We talk about the reasons why people attend events, the rise of the experience economy, and the effectiveness of a premium pricing strategy.   — Listen to the podcast here […]

78: Emotional and Intuitive Leadership with Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert

Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert is the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Family and Community Healing, a non-profit dedicated to helping others learn to create positive and rewarding relationships with each other and the earth. We talk about our relationship with the earth, practical ways to start listening to your inner voice, and the […]

77: Invest from the Inside with David Warschawski

David Warschawski is the CEO & Founder of Warschawski, the #1 rated U.S. marketing communications agency. He is also the founder and managing partner of W Ventures, a VC firm that provides early-stage startups with venture capital, marketing support, office space, and mentorship. We talk about brand values, emotive branding, and the effectiveness of intent-based […]

76: Apply Systemology with David Jenyns

David Jenyns is the founder of Systemology and the author of the best-selling book with the same title, where he helps business owners systemize their businesses. We talk about the Systemology framework, the benefits of consistently updating your business systems, and the difference between a scalable and a sellable system. — Listen to the podcast […]

75: Empathy with Accountability with with ex-Navy SEAL TK Eppley

TK Eppley is a former Navy SEAL and the president of Vayu Aerospace Corporation, a company that builds affordable American drones for cargo transport over difficult terrains. They talk about the future of the drone industry, values that define a great company culture, and the empathy and accountability framework.  — Listen to the podcast here […]

74: Learn the Five Fingers Formula with Mel Engle

Mel Engle is the CEO & Chairman of the Board at Predictive Oncology, a knowledge-driven company focused on applying artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery. We talk about the role of AI in the battle against cancer, the Five Fingers Formula, and the future of cancer care and research.  — Listen to the […]

73: Task Relevant Maturity with Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is the co-founder and VP of strategy at Workshop Digital, a search engine marketing agency that helps sales teams generate and convert sales qualified leads. We talk about the cost of customer acquisition, task-relevant maturity, and understanding the ROI of your marketing efforts. — Listen to the podcast here   Task Relevant […]

72: Make Your Customer a Hero with Tyler Pigott

Tyler Pigott is the Founder and CEO of Lone Fir Creative, a digital marketing agency that gives structure to an entrepreneur’s vision. We talk about the StoryBrand framework, practical brand strategies, and how emotions influence buying behaviors.  — Listen to the podcast here   Make Your Customer a Hero with Tyler Pigott Our guest […]

71: Turn Your Problems Into Systems with Joe Newton

Joe Newton is the owner of EIJ Solutions, a process consulting company that empowers entrepreneurs to find freedom through their business. We talk about the SYSTEMology framework, the benefits of having a systems champion, and practical steps towards business process optimization.  — Listen to the podcast here   Turn Your Problems Into Systems with […]

70: Build a Flexible Vision with Chris DeJong

Chris DeJong is a former US national swimmer and the Founder & President of Big Blue Swim School, one of America’s fastest-growing swim school franchises. We talk about how successful entrepreneurs franchise their businesses, what diversity can do for your business, and effective time management tips for entrepreneurs. — Listen to the podcast here […]

69: Automate Your Web Properties with Tigran Nazaryan

Tigran Nazaryan is the Co-founder and CEO of, an automated WordPress platform powered by Google Cloud that helps relieve the burden of manual website building operations. We talk about website automation, disruption-led growth, and the difference between shared and cloud website hosting. — Listen to the podcast here   Automate Your Web Properties […]

68: Identify Your Intrapreneurs with RJ Grimshaw

RJ Grimshaw is the president and CEO of UniFi, an equipment financing company. We talk about the ABLE leadership framework, the concept of intrapreneurship, and break down the world of equipment financing. — Listen to the podcast here   Identify Your Intrapreneurs with RJ Grimshaw Our guest is RJ Grimshaw, the CEO and President […]

67: Train Your Digital Employee with Stormie Andrews

Stormie Andrews is the president of Yokel Local, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot partner that helps companies generate revenue, reduce sales cycles, and increase customer lifetime value. We talk about the world’s best buyer persona system, customer delight, and the six-step inbound marketing methodology.  — Listen to the podcast here   Train Your […]

66: Be a Sales Diagnostician with Steve Richard

Steve Richard is the Chief-Evangelist and Co-Founder of ExecVision, a conversation intelligence platform built to drive change in human behavior. We talk about the sales management code, practical prospecting strategies, and the effectiveness of cold calling in today’s sales environment.  — Listen to the podcast here   Be a Sales Diagnostician with Steve Richard […]

65: Leverage the Truth and the Facts with Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz is the Founder and CEO of Delve LLC, a competitive intelligence and risk advisory firm. We talk about managing reputation risk, business integrity, and the benefits of setting ethical boundaries with clients.  — Listen to the podcast here   Leverage the Truth and the Facts with Jeff Berkowitz Our guest is Jeff […]

64: Become Mission Ready with Jim Lockwood

Jim Lockwood is the co-founder of The Lockwood Group and serves as Vice President responsible for driving growth, creating value, and executing objectives across Lockwood’s markets. We talk about the concept of mission readiness, the IBM alignment model, and the gap between public and private sector infrastructure. — Listen to the podcast here   […]

63: Build Your Own Success Blueprint with Marc Reklau

Marc Reklau is the founder of Maklau Publishing and author of 11 books, including the international bestsellers 30 DAYS and Love Yourself FIRST, which have sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. We talk about success habits, minimalism, and the benefits of practicing daily gratitude. — Listen to the podcast here   Build Your Own Success […]

62: Reinvent Your Organization with Stephen Ogburn

Stephen Ogburn is the Vice President of Ogburn Construction, a fast-growing family-owned concrete repair company in Central Virginia. We dissect Fredrick Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations and talk about how companies can shift from success-focused into people-focused organizations. — Listen to the podcast here   Reinvent Your Organization with Stephen Ogburn Our guest is Stephen Ogburn, […]

61: Hack Growth for Your Business with Captain Hoff

Steve Hoffman (Captain Hoff) is the CEO of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading startup accelerators. We talk about the platform mentality in business, the process of venture capital financing, and define “Growth Hacking”. — Listen to the podcast here   Hack Growth for Your Business with Captain Hoff Our guest is Stephen […]

60: Obsess About the Customer with Brian Burke

Brian Burke is the founder and chief “Mac Man” at, the world’s most trusted and highest-rated Apple trade-in company. We talk about the booming market for second-hand Apple products, the benefits of exceptional customer service, and LinkedIn profile optimization strategies.  — Listen to the podcast here   Obsess About the Customer with Brian […]

59: Hack Think Yourself to Success with Matthew Devost

Matthew Devost is the CEO and co-founder of OODA LLC, a strategic consulting firm that helps clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks, uncertainties, and emerging opportunities. We talk about hack-thinking, the OODA loop decision-making framework, and the predominant cyber security threats targeting small to medium-sized businesses.   — Listen to the podcast here […]

58: Automate Your Bestseller with Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press. We talk about how writers can turn their books into bestsellers, the benefits of using books to grow your business and the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing.  — Listen to the podcast here   Automate Your […]

57: Install an Intelligence Machine with Steve Salis

Steve Salis is a serial consumer brand entrepreneur and investor. His company, Salis Holdings, has ownership interests in 14 companies in a diverse spectrum of industries, including technology, food and beverage, hospitality, and real estate. We talk about why the private equity business model is broken, what millennial employees want from their jobs, and the […]

56: Build Your Social Capital with Mfon Akpan

Mfon Akpan is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Methodist University. He’s also the author of ten books and three audiobooks on business, technology, and innovation. We talk about virtual reality’s influence on today’s businesses, why social media is crucial for business success, and the Eisenberg Earned Media Value Index.  — Listen to the podcast […]

55: Create Predictable Revenue with Jim Barnish

Jim Barnish is the Founder and Managing Partner at Orchid Black, a growth services firm that helps tech-forward companies build better game-changing businesses. We talk about finding your ideal client profile, value creation strategies for flatlining companies, and dissect Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue. — Listen to the podcast here   Create Predictable Revenue with […]

54: Canvass Your Business Modell with Harsha Rajasimha

Harsha Rajasimha is the founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics Solutions, a company that provides SaaS products to clinical researchers and biotech sponsors to help accelerate remote patient recruitment. We talk about key metrics that define a successful SaaS company, the common issues that affect patients during clinical trials, and the FDA vaccine testing and […]

53: Invest Your 401K in Yourself with Daniel Blue

Daniel Blue is the owner of Quest Education, a company that helps entrepreneurs obtain capital, pay off high-interest debt, and use self-directed retirement accounts to invest in alternative assets. We talk about self-directed investing, the Wall Street trap, and how to use retirement money for investments with zero penalties or taxes. — Listen to the […]

52: Get Inside Your Customer’s Why with Lynn Whitbeck

Lynn Whitbeck is the President and CEO of Future Forward Sales, a specialist B2B sales consulting business focusing on the process, methods, and psychology of sales development. We talk about the customer journey map, emotions during the sales process, and the ever-evolving relationship between sales and marketing.  — Listen to the podcast here   […]

51: Touch a Billion People with Sathya Elumalai

Sathya Elumalai is the President and CEO of Aidar Health, a healthcare technology and digital therapeutics company reimagining today’s chronic care management and health monitoring. We talk about the impact of digital health technologies on medicine, Mouth Lab’s quest to reinvent rapid health assessment, and the importance of technological synergy in medicine.  — Listen to […]

50: Build Trust with Dave Turano

Dave Turano is the President of JCE Consulting, helping organizations improve leadership, communication, and sales, and the host of Cut Through the Noise Podcast. We talk about the habits of highly successful businesses, the overlooked benefits of daily standup meetings, and why great leaders don’t tolerate mediocrity.   — Listen to the podcast here   […]

49: Cure your Growing Pains with Sam Gupta

Sam Gupta is the CEO and Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ, a digital transformation consulting firm focusing on business process automation, customer experience, continuous improvement, and marketing automation. We talk about human capital management, the art of incremental implementation, and why having the right people is crucial for digital transformations. — Listen to the podcast here […]

48: The Same Way and the Same Pace with Andrew Rinaldi

Andrew Rinaldi is the co-founder of Defendify, an all-in-one cybersecurity platform specifically built for organizations without in-house security teams. He is also the founding partner of Steady Vision, one of Boston’s oldest full-service digital agencies. We talk about cybersecurity for small businesses, organizational alignment, and the benefits of layered security systems.  — Listen to the […]

47: Craft a Tool to Solve Each Problem with Gail Doby and Erin Weir

Gail Doby and Erin Weir are the co-founders of Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, a consulting company that helps interior designers build thriving and fulfilling businesses. Gail is also the author of Business Breakthrough: Your Creative Value Blueprint to Get Paid What You’re Worth. We talk about entrepreneurship for interior designers, why you need system […]

46: Make your CEO Famous with Jon Tsourakis

Jon Tsourakis is the President and Chief Revenue Officer at Oyova, a national marketing and application development agency. He is also the founder and president of Central Comp, an ancillary services provider helping TPAs and self-insured employers offer the best care at the best price. We talk about digital marketing strategies, personalizing marketing campaigns, and […]

45: Save 20% of Your Payroll with Julio Gonzalez

Julio Gonzalez is the CEO and Founder of Engineered Tax Services, the country’s largest specialty tax engineering firm specializing in the preservation of wealth through IRS engineering-based services. He is also the CEO of Growth Partnership, the only full-service multi-disciplinary consulting firm serving accounting professionals. We talk about tax engineering, tax incentives for small to […]

44: Attract Talent with Chelle Johnson

Chelle Johnson is a seasoned career and talent leader, strategist and coach with over 20 years of experience with medium-sized to fortune 50 companies. She is also the founder and CEO of Best You Career Advantage, an online visionary career coaching service that supports clients through all stages of career search and development. We talk […]

43: No-Brainer Sponsorships with Sheila Farragher-Gemma

Sheila Farragher-Gemma is the President of FarGem Corp and owner of Connected Sponsor, a sales and marketing company that helps clients maximize sponsorship opportunities through creative lead generation. She is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits in real estate, child services, office supplies, and networking. We talk about finding and managing strategic sponsors, […]

42: From Filmmaker to Tech-Preneur with Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman is a successful entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, journalist, and tech startup expert. He is also the host of Strap on Your Boots Podcast and author of Strap on Your Boots: A realistic guide to building and scaling your startup. We talk about traits that define serial entrepreneurs, tips on scaling your business, and the […]

41: Digitize your Business with Eric Dickmann

Eric Dickmann is the CEO of the Five Echelon Group, a virtual CMO and strategic marketing advisory service provider for SMBs looking for growth and profitability. We talk about digital transformation, marketing automation, and how to remove friction in the buyer’s journey. — Listen to the podcast here   Digitize your Business with Eric […]

39: Think Fast and Experiment with Tobin Lehman

Tobin Lehman is the President and Lead Strategist at New North, a B2B digital marketing agency. He is also the author of Ride the Tornado: Continuously Improve Your Marketing Strategy in the Midst of Rapid Change, a marketing playbook that takes the mystery out of marketing. We discuss the impact of new technology on marketing, […]

38: Put in Your CRM Reps with Jon Arancio

Jon Arancio is the co-founder and Vice-President of Wintec Group, a CRM software reseller and application support specialty firm. We discuss the value of capturing and tracking customer data, how CRMs drive business growth, and the little-known beneficial features of CRM tools.  — Listen to the podcast here   Put in Your CRM Reps […]

37: The 118 Year Old Startup with Dom Eihhorn

Dom Einhorn is the founder and CEO of UNIQORN, the largest rural business incubator, startup accelerator, and coworking space in Sarlat, France. He is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startups exits under his belt, primarily focusing on digital startups and angel investing. We discuss why France is a startup-friendly nation, how to launch and scale […]

36: Swap Your Unicycle for a 4-Wheeler with Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick is the president of Rialto Marketing, a marketing company that helps service businesses simplify marketing. We discuss the benefits of personalizing emails, the power of social media, and why business owners need to be producers and not consumers of content. — Listen to the podcast here   Swap Your Unicycle for a […]

35: Pool Your Profits with Rocky Lalvani

Rocky Lalvani coaches businesses to leverage Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First System. We discuss the Profit First strategy, dissect what a healthy business looks like and contrast good and bad money behaviors.   — Listen to the podcast here   Pool Your Profits with Rocky Lalvani Our guest is Rocky Lalvani, who is a fractional Chief […]

34: Let Gorillas Fight Your Trolls With Devin Miller

Devin Miller is the founder and CEO of Miller IP Law, a patent and trademark firm that focuses on helping startups and small businesses maneuver the world of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We discuss intellectual property, the pros and cons of franchising your business, and analyze how trademarks work worldwide.   — Listen to the podcast […]

33: IPO Your Small Business with Joe Cecala

Joe Cecala is the founder and CEO of Dream Exchange, a new stock exchange that focuses on small business capital formation. He is the former CEO of Expansion Funding Partners and was part of the team that developed the first computerized trading network, ArcaEx. We discuss factors affecting small capital transactions, the Main Street Growth […]

32: Speed Up Into The Curve with Lee Wochner

Lee Wochner is the CEO and creative strategist of Counterintuity, a full-service marketing agency based in Burbank, California. We discuss how to launch successful marketing campaigns, craft eye-catching messaging, and how to identify and measure social impact.      — Listen to the podcast here   Speed Up Into The Curve with Lee Wochner Our guest […]

31: Clean up Your Corporation With Garrett Sutton

Garrett Sutton is the CEO of Corporate Direct and the Sutton Law Center, an asset protection company that provides corporate formation and maintenance services. He is also an 11-time best-selling author and a Lifetime Achievement member of the Top 100 Attorneys. We discuss asset protection laws across different states, corporate formation strategies, and how to […]

30: Engage Customers and Employees With Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman is the founder and owner of Doing CX Right, a company devoted to refining customer experience and employee engagement. She is also the head of customer experience at Schindler Elevator and a customer experience advisory board member for leading colleges including the University of Richmond. We discuss why customer experience is crucial for […]

29: Leverage NFL Systems with Shawn Harper

Former NFL lineman Shawn Harper is the owner and operator of American Services and Protection, a security firm based in Columbus, Ohio. He also owns Bridge Builders International, an inter-denominational non-profit helping children in developing countries. We discuss how successful NFL systems can be applied to the business world and how to create a team-based […]

28: Build Your Kiosk in The Mall With Morissa Schwartz

Morissa Schwartz is the owner of Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, an SEO, social media management, and PR company. She is also a multiple Amazon best-selling author and the proprietor of GenZ Publishing. We discuss how to beat your competition using SEO and the importance of having a strong social media presence.  — Listen to […]

27: Spin Your Inbound Flywheel With Ethan Giffin

Ethan Giffin is the founder and CEO of Groove Commerce, an eCommerce and Inbound Marketing company. We discuss how businesses can break into the eCommerce space and why most companies grew substantially during the pandemic.  — Listen to the podcast here   Spin Your Inbound Flywheel With Ethan Giffin Our guest is Ethan Giffin, […]

26: Attract A-Players With Alec Broadfoot

Alec Broadfoot is the founder and CEO of VisionSpark, an executive search, hiring training, consulting, and assessment company in Ohio, serving EOS-run companies. We discuss how firms can attract A-players using proven strategies and tools.   — Listen to the podcast here   Attract A-Players With Alec Broadfoot Our guest is Alec Broadfoot, who is […]

25: Experience Design with Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein is the founder of StoryMiners, a consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. They help businesses translate strategies into customer experiences. Previously, Mike was a media personality and spokesperson for IBM. We discuss how StoryMiners utilizes design to create value for customers and the frameworks behind their processes. — Listen to the podcast here […]

24: 90-day Marketing Plan with Cody Butler

Cody Butler is the bestselling author of The 90-day Marketing Plan which helps small businesses create an effective marketing strategy. Cody recently sold Majestic Data Solutions a company that helps small businesses become data-centric and leverage their data. — Listen to the podcast here   90-day Marketing Plan with Cody Butler Our guest is Cody Butler […]

23: Shorten the Sales Cycle with Rahul Alim

Rahul Alim is the president and CEO of Custom Creatives, a full-service digital marketing firm in Los Angeles. The agency specializes in high impact marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Rahul also founded Follow Up Monster, a platform that enables businesses to pursue leads through automation. — Listen to the podcast here […]

22: Automate, Delegate, Educate & Eradicate with Alex Sanfilippo

Alex Sanfilippo is the founder of PodMatch, a fast-growing podcast matching platform, and the host of the Creating a Brand podcast for entrepreneurs. We discuss how business owners can leverage podcasting to grow their business, why documenting processes is critical and productivity tools required to scale a business. — Listen to the podcast here […]

21: Apply Leverage With Randy Gage

Randy Gage is a thought-provoking, rags to riches entrepreneur who has published 14 books in 25 different languages including the New York Times bestseller Risky is The New Safe.  — Listen to the podcast here   Apply Leverage With Randy Gage Our  guest is Randy Gage, that I have been following Randy for the […]

20: Gain 100 Points of Clarity with Chad Willardson

Chad Willardson is the founder and CEO of Pacific Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm, the co-founder of The Draft Sports Complex, and twice-elected City Treasurer of Corona, California. He recently published Stress-Free Money: Overcome These Seven Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom, which already accumulated 89 five-star reviews on Amazon.   — Listen to the […]

19: Make Them Rockstars with Dr. Kelly Henry

Dr. Kelly Henry is a customer experience consultant who founded and ran the Henry Chiropractic Clinic for 20 years. By using a system based approach to customer service, he was able to catapult HCC into a leading organization in its field. His book, Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service, will launch in January 2021. — […]

18: Fascinated by Payroll with Charles Read

Charles Read is a serial payroll entrepreneur and the CEO of GetPayroll. He is also the founder of Custom Payroll Associates and Payroll On A Budget and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Charles is a US Tax Court Practitioner and a United States Marine Corps veteran. — Listen to the podcast […]

17: People, Process, Technology with Justin Goldston

Justin Goldston, a senior managing director at Nestell and Associates, a strategy consulting firm, and a five times TEDx speaker on emerging technologies. He is a Professor at Penn State University on Project Management and Supply Chain Management. We discuss how you can harness emerging technologies to grow entrepreneurial companies of any size. — Listen […]

16: Pursue Passion, Conserve Cash with Mike Lander

Mike Lander, CEO of Piscari Limited and Chairman of Re:Signal, a consultancy agency that drives organic growth for ambitious brands, in the UK. — Listen to the podcast here   Pursue Passion, Conserve Cash with Mike Lander Our guest is Mike Lander, who is the CEO of Piscari Limited in London, UK, which helps […]

15: Bezos’s 14 Principles with Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson, publisher of a leading industry newsletter on how to maximize your technology in investment and insurance. He recently published a best-selling book titled, The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles To Grow Your Business Like Amazon. — Listen to the podcast here   Bezos’s 14 Principles with Steve Anderson Our guest is Steve Anderson, […]

14: Build an Esport Empire with Ben Feferman

Ben Feferman, the CEO and co-founder of Amuka eSports which is Canada’s leader in esports venues, leagues and tournaments. His firm also raises capital for fast growing esports businesses, and Ben is the co-founder of Canada’s first and only incubator for esports-related companies. — Listen to the podcast here   Build an Esport Empire […]

13: Focus on the Fundamentals with Steve Deller

Steve Deller, Founder and CEO of Virid, a business that helps retailers navigate ecommerce best practices. — Listen to the podcast here   Focus on the Fundamentals with Steve Deller Our guest is Steve Deller, who CEO of Virid Inc., which is a software technology company in the Washington DC area. And Steve Deller […]

12: Listen Curiously with Debbie Tyler

Debbie Tyler, Vistage Chair and CEO Coach who is a former CEO of TakeCharge Technologies and holds several board positions, including at Arcitell, the Center for Innovation and Development, and MindShare, a network of technology companies in the D.C. area. — Listen to the podcast here   Listen Curiously with Debbie Tyler Our guest […]

11: Your People are Your Product with Heinan Landa

Heinan Landa, Founder and CEO of Optimal Networks, an IT firm that serves law firms and associations in the Greater DC Area. He is the author of the bestselling book, The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change. — Listen to the podcast here   Your People are […]

10: Shifting Mentality with Olessia Smotrova

Olessia Smotrova, the CEO and owner of OST Global Solutions, a consulting firm that helps you win government contracts. She is the author of the book: How to Get Government Contracts. Have a Slice of the 1 Trillion Dollar Pie. — Listen to the podcast here   Shifting Mentality with Olessia Smotrova Our guest […]

09: The Fear of Failure Drove Me with Matt Clark

Matt Clark, the president and CEO of Corcentric — a Fintech company that helps companies to purchase, pay and get paid. We talk about Matt’s origin story, his successes, his setbacks, and how he overcame them. Why Corcentric implemented EOS and their “Traction experience. — Listen to the podcast here   The Fear of […]

08: The Magnet that Compels and Repels with Dave Quick

Dave Quick, the CEO of Helping Bulls, leadership and sales coach, Vistage Chair and Culture Index Licensee. We talk about Dave’s career, his sources of inspiration, hiring philosophy and insights to developing your company’s culture. — Listen to the podcast here   The Magnet that Compels and Repels with Dave Quick Our guest is […]

07: Building the Team is the Job with Nick Beavers

Nick Beavers, CEO of Media Cybernetics, a company that supplies image analysis software, typically used in industrial inspection routines. We talk about Nick’s path to becoming the CEO of Media Cybernetics, as well as his insights from using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) at a tech company. — Listen to the podcast here   […]

06: Why Serving Your Clients is a Disservice

Why serving your clients is a disservice. Steve Preda provide real-world examples of how business owners brought success by learning to delegate, and share key tips for building a self-sustaining business. — Listen to the podcast here   Why Serving Your Clients is a Disservice Today’s episode is titled, Why Serving Your Clients is […]

05: Value-Added Reseller

Steve Preda discusses several examples of successful value-added resellers and how the practice of customization of mainstream software packages expanded their profits and helped grow their companies. — Listen to the podcast here   Value-Added Reseller Today’s episode is about a topic that came up in a conversation yesterday with one of my entrepreneurial […]

04: Brains, Gray-Hair or Efficiency

Steve Preda discusses three types of professional service firms in terms of their organizational structures, pricing structures, and overhead. He then describes how these factors interact to produce varying degrees of profitability and scalability. — Listen to the podcast here   Brains, Gray Hairs and Efficiency One Today I’d like to talk about a […]

03: Why Work With Businesses That Interest You

Steve Preda condenses his personal experiences into six key reasons why you should work businesses that interest you. These six reasons reflect a symbiotic relationship or two-way street that benefits both you and your client.  — Listen to the podcast here   Why Work With Businesses That Interest You Today’s episode I’d like to […]

02: Six Ways Professional Services Firms are Different

Steve Preda breaks down the key aspects that make professional services companies different from other businesses, and the unique difficulties involved in the leadership and management that these kinds of businesses must overcome in order to break through to the next level.  — Listen to the podcast here   Six Ways Professional Services Firms […]

01: Welcome To Management Blueprint Podcast

Steve Preda explains why he is launching this podcast, the reason for picking professional services and why he is passionate about this sector.  He also shares his personal story of starting his own professional services firm and his trials and tribulations. — Listen to the podcast here   Welcome To Management Blueprint Podcast This […]