Carpe PM = EOS Rocks after lunch. (Seriously, would you hire that guy?)

Central Virginia is full of custom license plates. It seems to be a local fad to come up with weird plates, often a riddle which help drivers forget the frustration of a slow traffic light.

Some license plates are questionably sensible, however, like the one on the picture: “Carpe PM”. — I guess it wants to be pun on Carpe Diem — Seize the Day, a phrase made immortal for our generation by Robin Williams in Dead Poets’ Society.

Interpreting Carpe PM

So what would you read into “Carpe PM”, if you were this driver’s employer? Would you applaud him for doing today’s work today, or for not letting the afternoon slowing him down? This could be impressive as many of us feel less energetic after lunch and tend to procrastinate on difficult “Rocks” in the afternoon, as a our mental energies begin to sap. Carpe PM may be an affirmation that our driver is committed to not wasting the second half of the day, however trying morning he had… to make the most of that time for his business, even at the expense of getting to exhausted to go out or being able to focus on his family in the evening.

Well, my previous paragraph was all about practicing giving people the benefit of the doubt. More likely, our staffer is seizing his post-work afternoon. He is probably not very engaged at the office and doesn’t see it as an arena for self-actualization. (And maybe not too smart to advertise that fact on his license plate.)

But whose fault is that? — That will be the topic of another blog note.

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