Decisions: The Good, the Bad and the Worst

There Are 3 Types of Decisions You Can Make.

The best decision is a GOOD decision.  This happens when you make a decision that turns out to take your organization in a good direction, as born out by subsequent events and information.

The second best decision you can make is a BAD decision.  A bad decision is a decision that turns out to not take your organization in a positive direction.  However, that is seldom fatal, as you can change a bad decision as soon as you have received feedback from your environment that confirms that this decision should be changed.  A bad decision can often be quickly turned into a good decision, which is a good thing.

The WORST decision is when you do not make a decision.  This often happens when there is no consensus around a decision and making one is unpopular at least with part of your constituency, which for a company can be your leadership team, your shareholders, your employees or other stakeholders. Deferring or delaying a decision is often the worst decision, as you deprive yourself from feedback and information about the subject matter and you allow circumstances, or worst, your competitors to decide.  Waiting for perfect information can be dangerous.

So make a decision whether good or bad and stay aware post-decision so that you can correct bad decisions early.  This will yield you the best results, in most cases. In EOS-ran companies Integrators are tasked with making  decisions when there is no consensus on the leadership team.

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