Welcome the constraint you can push back against

Welcome the Tension of Having a Constraint in Your Business.

When there is no clear constraint, you have nothing to focus your efforts on. Your energy gets diffused and you lack the tension to push back against.

Think about the great tennis rivalry of Federer and Nadal.  If it wasn’t for the tension they faced playing each other, neither would likely have become such iconic players for the ages.

In my career as the owner of an investment banking boutique, we pushed back against established Big 4 and bank competitors, who had brand recognition, huge balance sheets and deep pockets to hire the best talent.  We pushed back against our competitive disadvantage and turned it into a competitive advantage by innovating in the field of communications.  We started sending our prospects emotional letters and published a newsletter talking about high finance in a language the small business owner could understand.  This approach catapulted us to the top of the local M&A league tables in less than 3 years.

What is the constraint is your business?  How can you channel all your energies into that narrow space to brake through it? EOS can help you identify your  “3 uniques” that can become the focus of your push back strategy.

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