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Carve Them Resolutions in Stone with EOS®

People tell me that they don’t make New Year’s Resolutions (NYR) anymore… I am skeptical. You may not call them such, but are you telling me that you have not taken stock of 2017 over the holidays and crafted some plans for the New Year? To me, NYRs include planned revenue numbers, profits, paying off the […]

How to Triple Your Profit in 3 Years? (Hint: Implement Traction®)

If your business is like most small and medium size companies, you have incredible upside opportunities, if you start doing several things just a little bit better. Skeptical? Let me elaborate why I believe that. Most small businesses are founded by individuals who feel passionate about a commercial idea, or the very idea of running […]

(Let EOS®) Turn Your Business Into “Miracle on Ice”

How does running a $5-million sales revenue company compares to running a $50 million company? How about a $500 million company? Does it require the same skills? The answer is kind of obvious. The complexity of the business increases with size. You need more skills to lead more people, compete with more professional peers, address […]

Don’t Cut the Target, Expand the Activity (using an EOS® Scorecard)

You are 3 months into your fiscal year and your sales are 15% behind plan.What do you do? Some companies would rationalize the lag with “having a couple of slow months”, “losing a key client”, or “the departure of a key salesperson”. These things happen all the time, so the explanations are logical. Hopefully, we can […]

Success is a Flywheel, Not a Propeller (Use EOS® to Gain Traction)

Jim Collins in Good to Great describes the Flywheel Effect. Picture an enormous wheel like the London Eye, which weighs hundreds of tons and which requires a giant engine to spin. Contrast the flywheel with an airplane propeller, which kicks in suddenly and reaches maximum speed within seconds. Inexperienced entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned wishful […]