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Make Your Business a Well-Oiled Machine

Implement Summit OS with Your Leadership Team and start Growing by 20% a Year

Unsatisfied Business Owner,

You have built a functioning business, generating 7 figures, or more, and you have assembled a team.  But your growth has begun to stall. You may be pondering some of the following questions:

  • Am I beginning to have too much complexity in my business?
  • Is managing more than a handful of employees becoming a chore?
  • Are the growing number of customers going to suck up all my time I wanted to devote to working on the business?
  • Is this “entrepreneurship thing” is as much fun as I expected it to be? Is this all there is?

What you are experiencing is completely normal. As Gino Wickman would say, you are “hitting the ceiling” in your business.

What got you here is no longer enough to get you to the next level. Your business is running on the system you’ve got, and now you need a better system.

So who am I to ask you these questions, anyway?

My name is Steve Preda and I have been where you are. I built a struggling and then successful investment banking business in the 2000’s that we sold to Private Equity, after implementing the E-Myth and EOS.

I then became an implementer of EOS, Scaling Up and the Pinnacle business operating systems.

I’ve been obsessed by the idea of systemizing businesses since 2006, and have in recent years written three books on the topic: Buyable (2021), Pinnacle (2022, with Greg Cleary) and Strategy OS (2023).

Using what I’ve learnt, I have created Summit OS™, and the Summit OS self-coaching App.

Summit OS is an up-to-date and internally consistent operating system that stands on the shoulders of E-Myth, EOS, Scaling Up, and others, and which takes your business all the way to the top of the mountain.

It’s much like the Apple iOS of the business operating system world. All the tools and concepts in it are seamlessly integrated, so that you get an intuitive, easy-to-implement, easy to use, and scalable system.

It’s also not just an 18-month journey, like other systems you’ve seen, where by the time you get going you have already run out of tools to implement.

The problem with such systems is that if you stop growing, you are dying.  You need an evergreen system that keeps growing with your company, so that your team remain curious and energized by what’s next.

You can use Summit OS to get great execution in 90 days, or you can use it to build a nationally recognized fast-growing business in the years to come.

And if you want more, you can implement its sequel, Strategy OS too, and take your business to the Inc. 5000 and beyond. Or add-in Buyable OS (coming soon!) to make your business, well, buyable.

So why have I written these books and and why are we pushing our operating systems?

Our Why is to help you, the business owner, reach your Ideal Life by making a Positive Impact.

We want to make it easy for you to grow your business in an organized and systematic manner, so that you can help create your own positive impact for your customers and your team.

We want us to be the stone that falls in the water and triggers the ripples across the lake. We want you to be our ripples.

Here is what you get if you become a member of the Summit OS App™:

Teaching videos

Showing you, session by session, how to implement the Summit Operating System in your business. Watch us teach and facilitate the tools so that you can do the same in front of your team.

Facilitation guides

Step-by-step printable ‘cook-book” you can follow while implementing Summit OS tools. Use them as cheat sheets while facilitating. No need to be perfect, just okay, for these tools to work.

Easy to implement tools

No more long narratives that bore your audience to tears. Explain each tool in a couple of minutes and spend 95% of session time co-creating the outcomes you want to see in your business.

Printable and editable worksheets

Order print copies of each tool or use editable PDFs for you and your team to record your ideas. Works in both in-person, hybrid and virtual sessions. (In-person still being the most effective.)

Access to the Summit OS Digital Portal

Record all work products from sessions and meetings. Manage, share and update your vision, strategic plan, STEP Rocks, scoreboard metrics and strategy tools with your team.

Pre-populated meeting agendas

Use these as guides in your Summit OS portal, with a timer to keep your meetings on time. Prompts will allow you to record your decisions, action items and short and long-term topics.

Membership in the SPBG Community™ (on Slack and in-person)

Network with SPBG Guides and fellow entrepreneurs and coaches who will answer your questions in real time, or within a few hours. Then pay it forward by helping others.

Checklists and SOPs

You can use our library of Playbooks and checklists that will help you pick value-for-money meeting venues and create memorable, fun and engaging experiences for your team or clients.

You will also have access to seasoned SPBG Guides through our weekly office hour, where you can ask any questions you may have about mastering Summit OS.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the Summit OS App™ for free for 7 days. You will get instant access to Base Camp Day 1 and see for yourself how easy it is to get your team generate a massive execution momentum.

If you are not yet ready to sign up, join an upcoming webinar to learn more about how to Make Your Business a Well-Oiled Machine, or read Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain, or our new business fable: Summit OS for Doctors: A Medical Practice’s Journey to the Top of the Mountain, downloadable free from our Business Growth Tech page.