Put Yourself on the Path to Traction® TODAY

Another new year has arrived giving you the chance to begin with a fresh approach and finally create the kind of year that your company deserves. For many businesses the last quarter is the busiest time, making sure all orders are delivered and client budgets are used to the maximum extent. Beyond seasonality, the last few months exert a psychological pull that you give your all, and enjoy a stress free holiday with the family. This is much easier when you have had a good last quarter under our belt, isn’t it?

January tends to be quieter. Fortune companies are just familiarizing themselves with their new budgets and are cautious in putting in large orders early in the year. January is naturally slow for construction, tourism, retail and the transportation industries too. A great time for reflection, for launching new initiatives and for putting down the foundations for a great 2018.

So what are you doing right now to secure that 2018 will be a GREAT for your business?

If you have hit the ceiling with slow growth or lower than desired profitability, what is your plan to get out of the slump? What would you be willing to give, to gain traction this year?… To start the year with aligning your team around a clarified vision?… To boost the engagement and accountability of your leadership team?…

How about launching a process that creates constant motion forward, by:

  • setting Rocks (important, but not urgent action items that take 10+ hours of focused effort to accomplish),
  • establishing weekly Level 10 Meetings™ that helps your team hold everyone engaged and accountable, and
  • crafting an EOS® Scorecard to start hitting sales activity and operational metrics month after month?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Take that simple step and book a call with me to discuss if your business is ready for the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and put your self on the path to traction.


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