Your Strategy Journey

Your Strategy Journey

Dig a Moat Around Your Business

Have you ever wondered if your business too, could have a winning strategy?

Like IKEA, that have dominated furniture retail for half a century with no worthy competitor in sight?

Or like Ryanair that grew from a stumbling upstart to a juggernaut of airline profits in Europe?

Or as Porsche that has owned the “classical sportscar for everyday use” market with its 911 model since the 1960s?

How about becoming a Starbucks in your industry and selling a commodity product at three-times the prices of your competitors?

Have you thought about learning these companies’ strategy secrets?

If so, listen up.

I spent the last five years wondering why there is no clear roadmap for building a winning strategy? …  Why the biggest thinkers in the field, such as Michael Porter, Henry Mintzberg and the authors of the Harvard Business Review write in arcane language that few understands?

Or why others confuse strategy with a vision, or with a strategic plan?

Or why yet other thought leaders argue that strategy is just about finding a solvable critical problem?

I am here to tell you that Strategy is a combination of Unique Activities that no one can copy. I call it a “Strategy Stack”.

And you can actually build one step-by-step, by studying your own company’s constraints, your business’s competitive landscape, and observable patterns that helped other businesses to become unique.

In fact, it only takes six simple steps to build your own winning strategy and dramatically differentiate your business from all your me-too competitors.

And when you have built a unique Strategy Stack, the world becomes your oyster.

Your competitors will be stumped to figure out how you do what you do… and even if they did, they would find it impossible to replicate your system.

You will have found your own Blue Ocean of growth opportunity where your biggest competition will be yourself.

So, would you like to figure out your differentiated and high-profit Strategy Stack and dig a moat around your business?

Then let’s connect for a call to see whether I could potentially help you, and if you and I could form a good working partnership to do so.

I look forward to learning about your business and its constraints.

Strategy OS

Every Startup Needs an Operating System – so be Strategic!

C C Fry

Running a company? Planning to start a company? The internal process – the conversion of your strategy into a series of decisions – can be thought of as your “operating system.” If you are new to thinking about an operating system, Steve has build a clear, valuable roadmap for you in this book. If you are already running a business – then the insights in this book are certain to trigger new ideas and insights. Great reading derived from years of experience… grab this and give it a read!… Read More

Business strategy, abstract no more.


In Strategy OS, Steve continues his efforts to distill decades of business thinking, writing, and practices and present to us a comprehensive scheme with which we can implement the best of this body of knowledge. This time his focus is on business strategy. A typically abstract subject to many, is presented as a systematic and coherent system that any business can implement. I highly recommend reading this book, and then digging deeper, to business owners or executives who are struggling to define and put in place a business strategy that targets their goals and that is clear to their team… Read More

Top Notch From Start to Finish

Scott J. Medeiros

A concise and compelling read. Strategy OS effectively expands the strategy tenants of Michael Porter, Jim Collins, Richard Rumelt, and others to create a fresh perspective using easy-to-digest real-world examples supported by focusing tables and graphics. It is the perfect companion to Pinnacle and a must-read for entrepreneurs and established firms to see, plan, and conquer their next mountain while adapting to changing conditions during the journey. Each of the six steps is powerful on its own, but when combined they create a comprehensive and resilient framework for success. Strategy OS will become your go-to business strategy reference. Top-notch from beginning to end… Read More

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