(Let EOS®) Turn Your Business Into “Miracle on Ice”

How does running a $5-million sales revenue company compares to running a $50 million company? How about a $500 million company? Does it require the same skills?

The answer is kind of obvious. The complexity of the business increases with size. You need more skills to lead more people, compete with more professional peers, address a bigger market, manage bigger risks, handle being in the eyes of the public, regulators and the IRS, etc. There is a reason why the average Fortune 500 CEO was paid $10.5 million in 2012. In general, the bigger the business, the more its leaders get paid, because they need more and better skills to run it.

Grow Your Business

So if you want to grow your business you have two choices: (1) have your leaders grow their skills individually or as a team, or (2) replace them with higher-skilled leaders. The business cannot become bigger unless its leadership becomes bigger too.

If you have the budget to upgrade your team and have a foolproof system to attract and hire people that fit your culture, than go ahead and knock yourself out.

Star players don’t always make a good team, however. And sometimes relatively unknown players with a great coach can beat all-star competitors. Leicester City won the English Premier League in 2016, ahead of star-studded rivals Manchester, Chelsea and Liverpool. Or, remember Miracle on Ice — when the US hockey team edged out the “unbeatable” Soviets in the semis of the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980?

Pick Your Team

So as a business owner, do you want to build a Miracle on Ice team from college hockey players or hire the Soviets?

I would say, go for Miracle on Ice!

If you viscerally agree, I am here to tell you that it is possible.

You can do it by aligning your team around a vision, set goals, prioritize them and create a culture of clarity, accountability and traction. You can build a high performing organization using the tools and processes of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

And, paraphrasing Patrick Lencioni, when you get everyone rowing in the same direction, you can dominate any market in any industry, against any competitor, at any time.

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