Become a Serendipity Magnet with Noah Graff

Ever glance at someone’s success and think that it was just luck? 

It’s easy to imagine that some people are just born under a lucky star, always finding themselves in the right place at the right time.

But what if I told you that there’s more to luck than mere chance.

This is where serendipity comes in.

Serendipity isn’t just a beautiful word; it’s a powerful concept that feels like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. 

This week, we delve into the art of creating your own luck and turning serendipity into a strategic ally in your business.

Joining us is Noah Graff, co-owner of Graff Pinkert & Co., who has mastered the craft of fostering serendipitous opportunities. 

Inspired by Christian Bush’s insights in The Serendipity Mindset, Noah has successfully applied these principles to thrive in the competitive machinery trading market.

Remember, they say luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. 

Let’s explore how you can prepare to make the most of your opportunities.


Five Strategies to Become a Serendipity Magnet:

     1. Throw Serendipity Bombs

Serendipity bombs are proactive, bold moves. 

Imagine you’re seeking new business opportunities or looking to change careers. 

You should initiate contact with potential leads or employers—think of it as casting a wide net. 

Write personalized emails, make calls, or connect on social media. 

While this approach might seem daunting, the potential to ignite a meaningful opportunity is significant.

Consider every attempt a seed planted, which could sprout into a fruitful connection. 

You may send hundreds of emails and only get a few responses, but those responses could be the exact opportunities you need. 

Persistence here isn’t just virtue; it’s a strategy. 

Every NO brings you closer to a YES, and every outreach is a chance to strike gold.


     2. Plan Serendipity Hooks

Being lucky often comes down to being in the right network and knowing how to leverage it. 

Before you meet someone new, gather some intel—check their LinkedIn, Twitter, or company bio to discover shared interests or mutual contacts. 

This groundwork allows you to tailor conversation starters that are both engaging and relevant.

But, you might be like “That’s so hard though. I don’t know how to strike up a conversation with strangers.”

In practice, this could mean commenting on a recent project they’ve led or a mutual connection you both share. 

Initiating a conversation with tailored hooks increases the likelihood of a memorable interaction, setting the stage for a relationship that could lead to numerous opportunities down the line. 

It’s about making every interaction count and using shared interests as a bridge to new collaborations.


     3. Connecting the Dots

Expanding your network increases the probability of serendipitous encounters. 

Each person you meet carries a unique set of skills, contacts, and opportunities—potential dots that you can connect to your own goals. 

Noah’s story is a prime example: a customer needed a specific machine that Noah didn’t have. 

However, recalling a friend’s complaint about having such a machine and not needing it, Noah facilitated a transaction that was beneficial for all parties involved. 

He called the friend, bought the machine from him at a discount and sold it to the customer. 

This strategy emphasized active listening and memory; keeping track of who you meet and what resources they might offer can turn a casual conversation into a significant business advantage. 

But, what if that friend had already sold the machine? Where do you find yourself now?

Try to recall other friends who might be in the same market as you are and ask if they are selling the machine you are looking for.

The key is to maintain an active roster of contacts and recall them when an opportunity arises that could benefit from that connection.


     4. Cultivate a Serendipity Mindset

To truly embrace serendipity, Noah suggests maintaining a daily diary of serendipitous events or potential ones missed. 

This reflective practice increases your awareness and primes you to recognize and seize serendipitous opportunities more readily.

On days when serendipitous events seem scarce, consider what actions could have been taken to generate those opportunities. 

This introspective approach doesn’t just account for what has happened but also prepares you for what could happen. 

It’s about training your mind to see and create possibilities everywhere, turning everyday occurrences into opportunities.

     5. Be a Serendipity Magnet 

Start each day with affirmations that reinforce your capability and openness to discover and utilize opportunities. Noah swears by affirmations like “I am a serendipity magnet,” which he repeats each morning. 

These affirmations help set a positive tone for the day, aligning his mindset with his goals.

By verbally reinforcing your strengths and readiness to engage with the world, you condition yourself to act confidently and attract positive outcomes. 

Affirmations are powerful: they remind you of your potential and encourage you to act in ways that align with your aspirations. 

They’re not just words; they’re declarations of intent that can dramatically shape your day-to-day reality.



In business, relying solely on chance is a gamble. 

By proactively creating serendipity, you turn what many consider mere luck into a deliberate and repeatable strategy. 

This week, embrace these five strategies to not only enhance your business prospects but also transform how you interact with the world around you. 

Remember, the real magic of serendipity lies not just in the outcomes, but in the journey of connections and opportunities you create along the way.