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    I’ve been working with Steve Preda for almost five years. He’s helped us put in place structures and he’s helped to motivate the team, to stay disciplined and focused and to accomplish everything that we said that we’re going to accomplish. Steve has had a major influence on me and my leadership, and the valuation of the business has quadrupled over the period of time he’s worked with us. in the last year alone, Clear Impact achieved 26% monthly recurring revenue growth, far exceeding our expectations. This year, we’re going to at least double that.

    I needed a strong foundation with goal setting, and holding people accountable. My staff love setting their goals, they feel like they’re contributing, and it gets all of us aligned for the purpose of growing the practice, which I couldn’t have done by myself. Almost anybody who thinks that they don’t have a strong foundation for growth don’t have playbooks in place. If you feel like you’re constantly re-explaining things hire Steve in order to put systems in place so that you can just continue to grow and scale without having to worry about it.