4 Things You Need to Align Your Business and Personal Goals

Picture this: your business is thriving but you’re overworked and have no life outside your business.

You might not even know what your life purpose is…

The thing is, YOU CAN succeed in both life and business without sacrificing one for the other. Yes, you could go out with your family during the weekends without having to worry about your business. And, your business should not have to solely rely on you and chain you down.

John St. Pierre, co-founder and chairman of Brand Point Services, shares how he designs his life to align it with his business goals.

It’s interesting, so let’s start!

1. True North Life Plan

Most of the time, entrepreneurs create a strategic business plan and put effort towards it. But how often do you see these people take the time to design a plan for themselves?

Do you know what happens when a business owner only plans for their business but not for themself?

They end up running the business at full speed while they’re overstressed, overworked, have no time to unwind, or to spend time with family, eat healthy or exercise.

As John says, “they’re completely misaligned with their life.”

So, how can you align your business with your purpose in your life?

2. Break Down Life Plan in Segments

John suggests that you write down first what you personally want to accomplish in the next 30 years. Yes, life and not business, yet. In order to make it easier, break it down into segments like career, wealth, health, family, relationships, and spirituality.

When you can now look ahead and know your life 30 years from now, the question becomes: Where do I need to be in 10 years in those different segments? Then, write where you need to be in the next year in those different segments.

Finally, figure out your plans for next quarter by creating a 90 day plan. Why do this? Simply because you need to make sure that everything is aligned along the way as you move forward in your life. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the same routine and plans every year. Revisit your plans every 90 days and see if it still leads to your 30 year vision.

3. Align Your Business With Personal Goals

What John does is to meet with his management team once a year, typically in the fourth quarter. During that meeting they strategize where they want to take the business in the short term and long term. So, imagine if you only plan for your business but never map out your life plan?

How can you make sure you are personally moving towards where you want to be? John affirms, “don’t forget to take time to reflect  deeply about what you ultimately want to achieve in life.”

4. St.Pierre’s 7 Principles for Entrepreneurial Success

“Remember: missing just one of these  can derail you,” warns John.

  1. Protect and grow your equity.
  2. Accumulate  your own capital. Don’t rely on banks or investors.
  3. Reinvest patiently in your business.
  4. Build a culture of entrepreneurship. 
  5. Protect the house. Mind your business like a hawk.
  6. Learn how to move equity to your personal balance sheet.
  7. Ultimately move from CEO to chairperson 


Success in business is hollow without personal fulfillment. Learn to align your entrepreneurial endeavors with your personal life. There are 4 elements to your success starting with you own “True North Life Plan”, and then aligning it with your business.

Are you ready to create a successful and sustainable business that also defines what your plan in life is?

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