Thomas Rechtien

Thomas is a visionary responsible for unifying all major business functions and possesses a hands-on leadership style and mentality. He understands that talented people are what move business forward.

Thomas is a Senior Executive and Strategist with expertise in transformational turnarounds. He easily identifies problems and makes significant improvement, while remaining focused on the big picture.

He is passionate about creating and driving positive transformational impact that increases revenue and profit for businesses, investors, stakeholders, and creates an environment where teams thrive.

Thomas has been tasked with complex business goals over the course of his professional career. In various scenarios he built or expanded something from nothing in the face of intrusive obstacles.

Thomas Rechtien is also a seasoned Executive Coach.

I am thrilled to recommend Summit OS as a game-changing business operating system, having head the opportunity to work with the team around Steve Preda.

I was able to go through the guide training and explore the platform with video tutorials for guides. This is a very good starting point as far as training goes.

I was immediately impressed by the exceptional quality of the materials and tools / resources at our disposal as a guide. The fact that Summit OS keeps evolving and is truly interested in having every client succeed is truly amazing. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Summit OS. The only thing that is sure is that every client who truly wants it, will reach their individual Summit!

By using Summit OS, businesses can gain access to an invaluable toolkit that will help them streamline their processes, optimize performance and ultimately achieve the success they want for themselves.

As a guide I love the fact that I can actively contribute to shaping the future of Summit OS.