The Lure or Shiny Objects and Why Stop the CEO Chasing Them

Distracting Ideas Unfocus CEOS

In this late hour video, I talk about the Shiny Objects Syndrome that affects CEOs and business owners, who are addicted to exciting ideas and are willing to sacrifice growth and profitability for the thrill of chasing them.

Shiny Objects are ideas and opportunities that excite the business owners and distract him from executing his existing profitable business. One of the key ideas of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is to engineer the separation of the role of Visionary from that of the Integrator, to protect the company from the roller-coaster of the shiny object chase. The Visionary is in charge of Big Ideas and Big Relationships, while the Integrator’s job is to integrate the major functions allowing the company to execute its business plan in a consistent and sustainable fashion.

Several years ago, our family a couple of puppies for the birthday of our first daughter. We soon realized that these puppies had to be trained so we took them to a dog training school. The trainer showed up and informed us that the schools is only called a “dog school” for marketing purposes and their actual mission was to train dog masters. As long as the masters were well trained, the dogs would behave themselves too.

As an EOS coach, I am often playing the role of the dog school trainer, who has to take care of the founder or CEO first after which the rest of the leadership team falls into line and execute with discipline.

Anyway, there is no object shiny enough to keep me awake any longer, so I conclude this blog. Good night and talk soon.

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