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Experience a Massive Growth Momentum within 45 days

Are you a business owner struggling with one or more of the following issues?

  • Your business is not growing as fast as your efforts would justify…
  • Your people don’t work half as hard as you do, and you have to constantly make decisions for them…
  • Your profitability is in the single digits with competitors breathing down your neck…
  • Your team does not get your vision, and/or they don’t align with you core values…
  • You don’t have playbooks and your business is hard to scale…
  • You are no longer having fun in your business. You sometimes even feel burnt out…, or
  • Your business is not yet turning into the legacy you wanted to create.

If any of the above symptoms are afflicting your business, it’s not your fault. 97% of businesses struggle with at least a couple of the above maladies.

There is no formal entrepreneur training out there, and whatever is being taught at colleges come from ivory tower academics, or Fortune company CEOs. Hardly relevant to a small or medium size private business. Is it?

Then there are dumbed-down and out-of-date business operating systems, used by many, which are clunky to implement, generate awkward, or are rudimentary. You get a basic strategic planning and goal setting program, but it is repetitive and your people lose interest.  You are back where you started.

At Steve Preda Business Growth (SPBG), we are obsessed with bringing you a coherent, customized and scalable business operating system for the 2020’s. It is easy and fun to implement, while it stands up to academic rigor.  Your people from Harvard MBAs to shopfloor supervisors will buy into it.

We are former CEOs and business owners like yourself with personal experience of building and exiting businesses. We have helped scores of other entrepreneurs grow their businesses leadership teams.

We have written 4 best-selling books on the topic of creating fast-growing, high-profit and self-managing businesses.

After coaching over 70 businesses with EOS and Scaling Up, we created Summit OS™ to help small businesses like yours turn into well-oiled machines of execution.

Our why is to “Help Entrepreneurs Reach their Ideal Lives, while Making a Positive Impact.”

We can help you grow much faster and profitably with more freedom, more fun and a path to a great legacy or a lucrative exit that you deserve from your business.

We can help you create massive business growth momentum within 45 days of starting to work together.

Our goal is to help you increase the value of your business by at least 50% within 12 months, and to 5X your businesses in 5 years. Our clients have grown their top lines by 23% a year, on average, since 2017 and have grown their profits by an average 17% per year.

You can read how in Steve Preda’s book, Pinnacle: Five Principles that take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain. (With co-author Gregory Cleary), or in his new business fable: Summit OS for Doctors: A Medical Practice’s Journey to the Top of the Mountain (find a free download here.)

Would you be interested in accelerating your results as well?

We will only take you on if we are assured that that you are the kind of business owner and company, we can help. However, if we commit to helping you, we guarantee that your team experiences a massive growth momentum within the first 45 days.

And if you are not 100% happy with our results, we refund your fees, and part as friends after a failed experiment. (Although such outcome is unlikely.)

So wouldn’t you too want to create a Massive Growth Momentum with no financial risk?

If your answer is “Hell, Yes!” fill in the form below to get matched with an Summit OS guide and start the conversation about how we might help you take your business to the stratosphere.

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