SPBG Method™ IP Usage
and Guide Standards Guidelines

This Intellectual Property usage guide establishes the guidelines for guides certified by EntrepCoach LLC, dba Steve Preda Business Growth™, (“SPBG™”) who may be certified to teach and facilitate the tools and concepts of Strategy OS™, Summit OS™, Buyable OS™, or any other business operating systems, and it’s or other tools or concepts trademarked, patented or copyrighted by Steve Preda, SPBG, or Strategy OS, Inc. (collectively referred to as “SPBG Method™” or “SPBG Content”), for the proper use of the SPBG digital brand in their respective SPBG Guide™ practice (hereinafter: “Guidelines”).

The goal of these Guidelines is to foster the building and maintenance of a strong and consistent print and digital brand and reinforce the excellence of our content and value proposition.

Software application developers, and other third parties must work with SPBG to obtain approval for their use of our brand elements, concepts, or trademarked/copyrighted terms.

What is an SPBG Guide™?

An SPBG Guide™ is a business advisor and coach that helps businesses build a self-managing, growing, differentiated, profitable, and investor-attracting business.

SPBG Guides help small to medium size businesses turn into a “well-oiled machine” business, get on their local “Fast 50” list and subsequently progress to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing US companies. Many of these companies continue to grow to reach the Fortune 500 list.

SPBG Guides achieve the above results by teaching and coaching their clients the tools and concepts of the SPBG Method™, as described in Steve Preda’s books, including Buyable, Strategy OS, and Pinnacle (the latter with co-author Gregory Cleary), the Summit OS Base Camp Handbook™, and the Summit OS and Strategy OS Activation Handbooks™.

SPBG Guides often help advance companies that have already acquired execution skills by implementing a basic business operating system such as EOS or Scaling Up.

The Types of SPBG Guides

SPBG Guides may achieve certifications to teach and facilitate one or a multiple of the below business operating systems:

  • Summit OS: Turning a business into a “well-oiled machine” of execution, growing its revenue, profit and eliminating single person dependency.
  • Strategy OS: Creating sustainable competitive advantages and exponential growth through developing a unique set of differentiating activities, creating recurring revenues, network effects and expanding the business in multiple ways.
  • Buyable OS: Grooming businesses into assets that are highly attractive to strategic and financial acquirors, and helping business owners navigate the complexities of monetizing the business and transitioning from its controlling ownership.

The SPBG Brand

Maintaining SPBG visual brand standards reinforces the value of our brand and creates brand equity for your practice and the organization as a whole.

SPBG Logo and Graphic Usage

Only SPBG Guides™ certified for the particular system are permitted to use that system’s logos and graphics. If you have not met the criteria for the appropriate SPBG designation and be in good standing thereof, you may not use all or part of the SPBG Method’s logos and graphics in your company website, logo, business cards, marketing material, or social media profiles.

Summit OS Images

SPBG Guides who are Summit OS App members may use the following images. You may not alter the images, other than resizing.

The 15 Summit OS Practices™

summit os toolkit
Summit OS Wheel

Strategy OS Images

SPBG Guides who are Strategy OS App members may use the following images. You may not alter the images, other than resizing.

Strategy OS Model™

Strategy OS Model™

Strategy OS Toolkit®

Strategy OS Toolkit™

The SPBG brand guide

The following is the brand style guide of SPBG.


Websites and Branding

SPBG Guides should use design elements and content that help to establish their own individual brand without lifting elements from the SPBG brand.

 Branding guidelines

  • Use original designs, colors, fonts, imagery, and copy to distinguish your brand from SPBG.
  • Make it clear that you’re an SPBG Guide for one or more of Summit OS, Strategy OS, or Buyable OS, not the creator of the system, or a shareholder, or employee of SPBG.
  • Emphasize your personal brand and include a picture of yourself.
  • Respect SPBG’s copyright. Do not verbatim copy the imagery, design, or verbiage of SPBG’s intellectual property, including the https://stevepreda.com website, the SummitOS.app, StrategyOS.app, BuyableOS.app, buyablebusiness.com, SPBG’s social media accounts or any other SPBG digital assets
  • SPBG Guides only, may display the logo of any or all operating systems that they are certified for and a member of (Summit OS, Strategy OS, Buyable OS).
Summit OS logo
Strategy OS logo
Buyable OS logo
  • Use the appropriate badge that reflects your certification as an SPBG Guide below.
Ceritfied SPBG Badge
Ceritfied SPBG Badge
Ceritfied SPBG Badge

Free Downloads for SPBG Guides

You may make the introduction and Chapter 1 of Pinnacle: Five Principles…, Strategy OS: Implement an Advanced Business Operating System… or Buyable: Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing… as displayed on https://stevepreda.com, available for download on your website.  Make sure you credit the author(s) and include a link to the book listing on Amazon.com

You may not provide any other SPBG Content as a free or paid download on your site (books, assessments, blogs, tools, etc.).

You may display the cover of the above-mentioned books in any size, but you may not alter the images.

Pinnacle Book
Strategy Book
Buyable Book

SPBG Method Key Concepts

When developing your professional bio or website content, you may wish to include some of the following concepts and history to establish context.

SPBG history

Steve Preda was a small business entrepreneur who founded and scaled an investment banking firm with the help of the E-Myth and EOS business operating systems. Steve’s business struggled after the 2008 financial crises, but it soon recovered thanks to the rigorous execution framework his leadership team followed. Later a Private Equity group acquired the business and Steve and his family moved to the United States.

After settling his family Steve trained with EOS and Scaling Up and conducted hundreds of leadership sessions. However, he saw many clients flame out and fall into a rut after learning the basics and running out of tools to keep climbing their business mountains.

Therefore, Steve left EOS and wrote several books:

  • Buyable: Your Guide to Building a Self-Managing, Fast-Growing and High-Profit Business. A book on how you can turn your lifestyle company into an asset that is as attractive for potential investors to acquire, as it is for you to keep, illustrated by over 100 real life stories.
  • Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain (with Gregory Cleary). Pinnacle clarified and evolved the concept of a business operating system. It also introduced playbook and profit tools that allowed more growth than with earlier systems.
  • Strategy OS: Implement an Advanced Business Operating System, continues where Pinnacle left off. It helps businesses that have mastered planning execution and systems to create a differentiated and defendable high-profit, high-growth strategy. The author presents a six-step model to creating your strategy and illustrates it with scores of stories of how well-known and little-known businesses have executed these approaches.

 Required attribution

All SPBG Guides must pay close attention to the content they create. It is important to maintain consistency with the SPBG brand, to give proper credit to intellectual property owned by Steve Preda or SPBG, and to be sure that you do not misrepresent your role with SPBG.

Crediting SPBG or Steve Preda as Source for Original or Derivative Content

When authoring your own content (announcements, website pages, newsletters, articles, blogs, etc.), be sure to include appropriate acknowledgments and add a hyperlink when quoting SPBG content. If you are interested in authoring a significant work such as an eBook or book, please communicate with SPBG, at support@stevepreda.com prior to beginning your project to avoid unintentionally violating property, trademark, or copyright terms.

Proper Attribution of SPBG Intellectual Property

Without written authorization from SPBG use of the phrase Summit OS, Summit Operating System, Strategy OS, Strategy Operating System, Buyable OS or Buyable Operating System in the name of a business, tagline, or website URL is prohibited.

Use of any copyrighted or trademarked terms in any text or graphics should also give proper acknowledgment to SPBG, include trademark or copyright symbols on the first instance that a term is mentioned on a page or document.

A full list of SPBG trademarked terms is available at https://ip.stevepreda.com.