Your Pinnacle Journey

Your Pinnacle Journey

Turn Your Business Into a Well-oiled Machine

Are you frustrated that your business is not breaking through?

Do you find that your people are not engaged or accountable and they let you carry the load?

Do you make less money than you feel you would deserve for the effort?

Or perhaps you are doing okay, but you would like to break through to the next level? You feel that your business has the potential but you need some help to get there?

Did you know that every single year 185,000 businesses can’t figure it out and disappear?

And that only 1 in 10 businesses ever finds a buyer or investor?

The implication is that most business owners end up disappointed and broke, instead of contented and wealthy.

This is no surprise as most business owners started the business because they were really good at something else: producing or selling a great product or service.

Frankly, most private company CEOs are not Harvard-trained MBAs and know little about the science of building a well-run business.

This is where we come in.

We will show you how the Pinnacle system will allow you to achieve growth with certainty, by employing a systematic approach.

We will show you how you can build a business where everyone is the right person in the right seat.

Where people are aligned behind your vision and your strategy.

Where your team is creating consistency and scalability with playbooks.


When everyone is performing at a high level, executing your annual and quarterly growth plans in a collaborative, healthy environment…

And where your business generates industry-elite profitability.

If this is what you are looking for, let’s connect for a call to see whether I could potentially help you, and if you and I could be a good fit to work together.

I look forward to learning your story.

A Curated Approach to a Critical Small Business Opportunity

Tip Quilter

This is obviously a product of many decades of hard work and experience on behalf of both Preda and Cleary. I’ve spent the past 20+ years of my life as a facilitator and executive coach, and part of honing my craft is building my toolkit from the best practitioners in the business. This includes devouring business books, most of which would have been more effective as a magazine article… Read More

This book will have a phenomenal ROI for any leader who wants to grow

Thomas Barrett

Over the past 7 years I have focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurial companies achieve their goals. During this time, I have simultaneously studied widely to discover what works and doesn’t work and observed first-hand how certain tools and systems work (& don’t work) in real world entrepreneurial businesses. Life is too short to not learn from the many great business thinkers and practitioners that have come before us or to only limit ourselves to… Read More

The Best Curated Toolset for High Growth Organizations


Having started and/or grown 9 businesses, acted as a sole sales contributor to 2 businesses, sat on 5 corporate boards, and being a consummate reader of business strategy books, I find this to be the best compilation of business strategies and tools that I have seen.

Through the principles of People, Purpose, Playbooks, Performance and Profit, Steve Preda and Greg Cleary distill many excellent authors and tools into one easy to understand and flexible… Read More

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