Management Blueprints and why EOS is on Top

Working on my new Vistage presentation about Management Blueprints, helped me crystallize what makes the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) special.

EOS is a combination of management practices that have emerged in the last 100 years, starting with Frederick Winslow Taylors’s Scientific Management (1911), through Peter Drucker’s writings and Jim Collins’ research. I identified 9 authors that came up with 9 management principles, which are all included in EOS.  These are designed to turn entrepreneurial organizations into highly functional ones including:

1. Establishing a deliberate process of goal setting to channel the energies of the organization towards accomplishing a handful of significant objectives each quarter.

2. Clarifying roles and responsibilities to increase effectiveness, accountability and empowerment.

3. Articulating the vision and the culture of the organization and aligning all employees around it.

4. Creating a healthy culture where employees are expected to identify, prioritize and solve issues on a weekly basis, moving the organization toward a more predictable and consistent performance.

Lightening the Load

The process is designed to lighten the burden of the business owner, by creating a structure of discipline and accountability where everyone is taking more responsibility to accomplish organizational goals.

I have studied 9 different management blueprints, but only EOS is delivering on all 9 management tools, being: Delegation, Goal-setting, Score-boarding, Execution, Problem-solving, Visioning, Culture Building, Strategic Planning and Team Alignment.

EOS is a low hanging fruit for anyone thinking about improving employee engagement, focus and productivity, which, over time, inevitably produce top- and bottom line growth.

If you would like to learn more, ask your Vistage chair to book my new talk: “Entrepreneur to Enterprise”.

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