Launching the Management Blueprint

Dear Reader,

You are holding in your hand the inaugural edition of Management Blueprint, a newsletter written by and for the business owner and leader. Management Blueprints, such as the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), are social systems, that allow small and medium size privately owned businesses to succeed. This newsletter is the medium through which I will be sharing with you the lessons, as I am picking them up along my journey, as an implementer of EOS in my clients’ businesses.

In this first issue, I ponder the question of empowerment through its reverse, the powerlessness that all too many employees feel, and explain how it corrupts organizations. In another article, I dissect the three different business models that professional services firms may choose from and how this choice will influence their operating, hiring and growth policies. A hand-picked coterie of local professionals join me in Experts’ Corner, expressing their perspectives on measuring entrepreneurial success.

Download the newsletter here and let me know your thoughts as a comment or direct message.

Continued Traction,

Steve Preda

Management Blueprint – October 2019

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