How to Open an EPUB E-book?


Apple Books (formerly iBooks)

  1. Pre-installed: Apple Books is pre-installed on all Mac computers.
  2. Opening EPUB:
    • Double-click the EPUB file or
    • Right-click the EPUB file, select “Open With”, and choose Apple Books.



  1. Download and Install: Calibre from its official website.
  2. Opening EPUB:
    • Open Calibre.
    • Add books by clicking the “Add books” button and selecting the EPUB file.
    • Double-click the book in Calibre to read.

Alternatively, you can use Adobe Digital Editions, which can be downloaded here.


Apple Books

  1. Pre-installed: Apple Books is pre-installed on all iPhones.
  2. Opening EPUB:
    • Email: Open the email with the EPUB attachment.
    • Tap the attachment and then tap the share icon.
    • Select “Copy to Books” to open the file in Apple Books.


Google Play Books

  1. Install: Google Play Books from the Google Play Store.
  2. Opening EPUB:
    • Upload the EPUB file to your Google Play Books account via the web at Google Play Books.
    • Open the Google Play Books app on your Android device.
    • The EPUB will be available in your library for reading.


Thanks for tolerating a non-PDF file!