Why is EOS good for Your Health?

Shared a bagel with Jamie Ledwith, a great business banker with Village Bank in Richmond, this morning and he helped me understand another angle how an EOS Implementer helps business leaders. And it comes back to why we are social animals and how it helps us survive and evolve.
According to healthresearchfunding.org, married men live 17 years longer than single men. The reasons include: better eating, less drinking, taking better care of our health, catching cancer signs earlier, emotional support and better overall living standards.

Keep It Honest

In other words: if someone keeps us honest and grounded, we become healthier, behave better and make more money…
I have found the same principle to apply to running a business. The business owner that is held accountable to do the right things and to improve themselves will do far better. Vistage has statistics to prove that their member’s run faster-growing and more profitable companies than lone-wolf entrepreneurs.

EOS Holds You Accountable

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) works much the same way.  An external accountability partner, called an “EOS Implementer”, shows up once a quarter to hold you accountable that you are tracking to your business goals and that your team is still fully aligned with your vision, picks proper priorities for the next quarter and solves their key issues.
The business owner finds it easy to listen to the EOS Implementer, as he will disappear from sight at the end of the session and will not be a challenge to their authority in running the business. It is easier to accept the advice of an outsider than a member of your executive team.
It is even easier when the EOS Implementer is not positioned as being “smarter” than you. He/she is there to show the best practices of a proven system, not dispensing personal gospel.
Been thinking of using an external accountability partner? Check out an EOS Implementer for the role.

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