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Why ROcKs trump OKRs (unless you run a hyper-growth tech firm)

I recently met with a construction company committed to using the “OKR” (Objectives and Key Results) approach. This reminded me, that the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) uses a modified version of OKRs, called Rocks. In my experience Rocks work better than OKRs, most of the time.  The reason is, that EOS wraps Rocks into a […]

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How to Self-Implement EOS? (A 7-Step Tough Love Guide)

Self-implementing EOS® is one of the options available for making your business run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. It is an alternative to hiring a Professional EOS Implementer and paying him or her several thousand dollars for facilitating on average 5 days of leadership meetings a year, to implement and maintain Traction® in your business. […]

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