Your Buyable Journey

Your Buyable Journey

Transition on Your Own Terms

Are you pondering moving on to the next phase of your life?

Would this mean selling your business for top dollar to an eager strategic or private equity buyer?

Or transferring your stock to an ESOP?

Or perhaps handing over the keys to your offspring or an SBA-funded buyer?

Whichever path you choose, what you really need is your business to be “buyable”.

In other words, it would have to be an attractive investment for others who want to own a profitable, growing and differentiated business. Preferably one that will not need you to run it.

The cold fact is that only one in 10 businesses ever finds a buyer or investor. The rest are “unbuyable”.

And sadly, unbuyable businesses don’t transform to “buyability” overnight.

It takes time and attention to make the business consistently growing, self-managing, and double-digit-profitable.

It also helps if no customers or suppliers dominate.

So what are you going to do?

Will you wing it and hope for the best? – Or will you put your head down and make your business eminently buyable in the next couple of years.

If you are considering the latter option, I can potentially help you, having made over 100 businesses buyable as the owner of an investment banking firm and as a business coach.

I know the ins and outs and have written books on the topic.

If you’d like to explore what it would look and feel like to work together, feel free to book a call. I promise to give you my honest feedback whether I can help you or not.

I look forward to learning about your story in confidence.

Absolutely the best on the concept

Tanya Kabuya

I previously built a business where I was trapped in the business, missed a $500k acquisition offer, and I made all the mistakes the author identified in the book.

I burned it to the ground, and starting over from scratch in a different sector, but I became obsessed with knowing how to do it right this time, and this is probably the best book on the subject.

I have read a number of them, however with this one, it is like the author is aware that the person he is talking to is out of his depth… Read More

Good, insightful look at starting, growing and selling a Buyable Business

Patrick B.

Steve Preda takes his decades of experience, research and statistical data to walk the reader through not only the lift of building a “Buyable” business, but also the pit falls and opportunities that can arise along the way. Many books in the business management world – commit to a “one size fits all” or this is the newest fad and try to debunk or only pitch ONE way to do things. Without focusing on only one… Read More

Thought Provoking Book

ashley raphael

The book was well written, interesting and was clearly written by an expert in the field. It is always interesting to get the details behind the deals, what works and what brings a deal to fail. No two buyers or sellers are alike and the anecdotes made the book that much more flavorful. It was also valuable to learn more about international and cross-border deals, areas in which I lack knowledge.

As someone who is intimately familiar with the subject matter, I did have one point that I feel needs more substantiation… Read More

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