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Summit OS for Doctors

Summit OS for Doctors

Read a business fable about Dexter Davis & Associates, a fast growing Medical Practice and learn how they navigate business challenges with the tools of Summit OS.

Learn about The 5 Business Growth Principles and the 15 Business Growth Practices and how a fractured team works with a business coach to win back their lost momentum.

Follow the story of Dexter and his five-strong leadership team become a cohesive unit, pivot their strategy to access private funding and successfully IPO their business.

Pinnacle Book


Quintuple the value of your business to make more money, have more fun, and to get the life you deserve. We have created a formula that is applicable for any company, while still being customizable for your business.

We believe that you need to obsess about The 5 Business Growth Principles™ as an entrepreneurial leader.

We have broken these principles down to The 15 Business Growth Practices™ that help you clarify and implement The 5 Business Growth Principles in your business.

Pinnacle Book
Strategy OS book
Strategy OS book

Strategy OS

Have you always wanted a winning strategy for your business, but found no clear answers?

Then look no further.

Steve Preda, best-selling author of Buyable and Pinnacle, has written a how-to book explaining the step-by-step process of building a differentiating strategy for your company.

Whether you have a fledgling small business, or a fast-growing, well-oiled machine, Strategy OS will help you dig a moat around it, and help you ensure no competitor can ever catch up with you.

Each of the Six Steps of the Strategy Operating System™ are explained in simple language and are richly illustrated with real-world examples.

Buyable Book


A book on why you need a buyable business, and how you can turn your lifestyle company into an asset that is as attractive for potential investors to acquire, as it is for you to keep.

Steve distilled the experiences of his 20-year journey as a business owner, investment banker, and business coach into a holistic program that helps you figure out what you really want, and how you can get there with the help of your business.

The tricks, tips and mindsets of creating a buyable business are illustrated by over 100 real life stories from Steve’s career.

Buyable Book