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Grow Businesses and Transform Lives

Help us eradicate Business Covid™ while living your Ideal Life as a Summit OS™ business coach

Seasoned Leader,

Have you had a great career running your own or someone else’s business or working as a C-lever leader in a bigger company?

Have you spent a couple of decades in the trenches with business battle-scars to prove it?

Have you tasted success as well as bitter defeat, but picked yourself up every time and learned your lessons?

If you answered yes, read on, because you may be our kind of leader that we are looking to join our quest. (More of that later.)

The fact is that however much business experience you have accumulated over the years, the fast-changing employment and technology landscape can create immense challenges for even successful business people mid-career.

Some of our coaches joined us, because they:

  • Were frustrated how scarce high-paying C-level or senior management positions are.
  • Were worried about finding a stable source of income where you can make $500,000 a year without burning out.
  • Were anxious fearing that their current investments wouldn’t generate enough returns to cover their children’s college tuition and secure a decent retirement nest-egg.
  • Felt lost and helpless without mentors or guidance to navigate a career transition.
  • Felt anxious about starting a new business at their age, due to the high risks and uncertainties involved.

But when they joined us, they realized that beyond allaying their concerns about the future, becoming a business coach at Steve Preda Business Growth (SPBG) was the most inspiring thing they could ever do.

This is because we are on a quest to literally change the world. Our “Why” is “To help Entrepreneurs reach their Ideal Life, while making a Positive Impact.”

Moreover, when you become a business coach, or “SPBG Guide,” as we call ourselves, you can transform your own life and the life of your family and of your clients. Some of the benefits you will experience as an SPBG Guide:

  • You acquire the potential to build a successful coaching practice that provides financial stability and meets your income needs.
  • You make a real difference in the lives of other leaders. Your guidance helps business leaders overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.
  • The flexibility of coaching offers you a better work-life balance, by allowing you to spend more time with your family while still achieving your career goals.
  • You find deep personal fulfillment in pursuing a career that aligns with your passion for helping others using your expertise and experience.
  • You feel incredibly motivated by joining a small, energized community of like-minded leadership team coaches who share your passion.
  • You feel pride and ambition for creating a lasting legacy through coaching, where your impact can be felt by hundreds of people for years to come.

Here is what one of our guides said of his experience:


I am thrilled to recommend Summit OS as a game-changing business operating system, having head the opportunity to work with the team around Steve Preda.
I was able to go through the guide training and explore the platform with video tutorials for guides. This is a very good starting point as far as training goes.

I was immediately impressed by the exceptional quality of the materials and tools / resources at our disposal as a guide. The fact that Summit OS keeps evolving and is truly interested in having every client succeed is truly amazing. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Summit OS. The only thing that is sure is that every client who truly wants it, will reach their individual Summit!

By using Summit OS, businesses can gain access to an invaluable toolkit that will help them streamline their processes, optimize performance and ultimately achieve the success they want for themselves.

As a guide I love the fact that I can actively contribute to shaping the future of Summit OS.

– Thomas Rechtien, SPBG Guide

At SPBG we believe that when we have helped all entrepreneurs gain access to Summit OS and Strategy OS, we will Eradicate Business Covid and save 185,000 small to medium size businesses from extinction each year.

We estimate that this will increase the GDP growth rate of the United States by four percent and save two million jobs each year.

So paraphrasing Steve Jobs, “Are you going to sell sugar water to kids, take out a second mortgage to join a franchise, or become one of us as an SPBG Guide and save the world?”

If you would like to learn if you got what it takes to be selected and succeed as an SPBG Guide, sign up for an upcoming webinar at the link below.