Today we take a look at 10 Management Blueprints I’ve identified as the most popular and impactful. These blueprints comprise the Seven Management Concepts – read here to get up to speed. 


For now, let’s dive right in… How did I discover these blueprints emerge? 


After the sale of my company, MB Partners, I built a CEO network in my new hometown and assembled two peer groups of business owners and CEOs of midsize companies. As a contractor of Vistage International, I facilitated monthly leadership meetings for these groups and coached the CEOs.


During these talks, I realized I was intrigued by one particular topic: the idea of “business blueprints”. Which ones existed outside of The E-Myth and EOS? I found many others, and after much consideration, I narrowed down the field to 10 systems. I consider these to be holistic frameworks that businesses can apply to improve the management of their organizations.


I’ve divided these blueprints into three groups and in this article, you’ll get a one-sentence overview of each. For a more comprehensive reading, order my book Buyable, where I cover all these blueprints in detail.


The 10 Management Blueprints: The Pioneers 


The E-Myth


This blueprint is based on Michael Gerber’s books: The E-Myth Revisited (1995) and E-Myth Mastery (2007). The E-Myth Management Blueprint is designed to upgrade technician-operated small service businesses to franchise effectiveness.


The Great Game of Business


This blueprint is all about gamifying your business and using an open-book management approach. It invites you to be honest and transparent with your people and teach them how to run your business on numbers. With this blueprint, you play the game and win together.

The Rockefeller Habits


This Management Blueprint was the first to give you tangible tools that you can visualize and share with your team to grow your business and make it run effectively.  


The 10 Management Blueprints: The Classics


The Entrepreneurial Operating System


EOS organized and simplified the Management Blueprint tools of its predecessors. It helps you implement a proven process with practical tools and disciplines to create vision alignment, ingrain execution habits, and build a cohesive team.


Rapid Enterprise Development


RED focuses on implementing multifaceted and consultative strategic planning and organizational development programs. They engage multiple management layers in medium-size and large companies.


The Advantage


Improve your organization by building a cohesive leadership team, clarifying and over-communicating your vision, and coding it into your people processes.


Scaling Up


A complete strategy and execution toolkit for medium-size companies aspiring for fast, cash-efficient growth. Also called Rockefeller Habits 2.0, an evolution of its classic predecessor.


The 10 Management Blueprints: The Third Wave


The 4 Disciplines of Execution


4DX helps you drive your organization forward by prioritizing one or two simple, big goals. You can measure their execution through personalized lead measures and hold people accountable using regular meetings.



OKRs are a collaborative goal-setting protocol for companies, teams, and individuals. This blueprint is used by Google, LinkedIn, and many other Silicon Valley companies. The first part of OKRs, “Objectives”, represents what you want to do (launch a killer game!). “Key Results” (KRs) are indicators of your success (downloads of 25K/day, the revenue of $50K/day).


The 3HAG Way


The 3HAG Way is a  tuned-up version of Scaling Up. It features heavy use of strategy tools and a rolling three-year planning process.


You can leverage a Management Blueprint as a shortcut to creating a self-managing, growing, profitable, and scalable business.


Each blueprint has its own target audience. They all emphasize specific aspects of entrepreneurship and management and offer various tools to implement some or all of The Seven Management Concepts.


We’ll dive into some of these in the coming weeks… And if you want to get a full overview now, order my book Buyable here!